Verdi: Joint strike by retail and online retailers in Leipzig

On Tuesday there was a strike rally by the Verdi union for employees of Amazon and the stationary retail trade in Leipzig. According to information from Verdi negotiator Jörg Lauenroth-Mago, around 250 employees gathered. An Amazon spokesman said that Amazon employees were not known to have participated in Tuesday’s strike.

“With the joint strike by online retailers and stationary retailers, we are underlining that we want to enforce the same regulations in terms of working and collective bargaining conditions. It is about a significant increase in income and that the collective agreements must apply to everyone,” said Verdi. Negotiator.

Verdi strike leader at Amazon, Ronny Streich, said: “At Amazon, the increase in sales has led to a considerable additional burden. With Prime Day, Amazon is aiming for further sales records without letting employees participate.” Amazon continues to refuse to enter into collective bargaining. For its part, the online retailer refers to “excellent pay”, a safe working environment and a recently announced increase in entry-level wages in its German logistics network to at least twelve euros gross per hour. Verdi had called for a strike in seven shipping centers nationwide on Prime Day at Amazon. How many Amazon employees participated in other locations, Verdi did not initially provide any information.

Among other things, Verdi is calling for an increase in wages and salaries by 4.5 percent plus 45 euros per month in the retail sector and a fixed minimum wage of 12.50 euros per hour. Collective bargaining is set to continue on Thursday.


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