Verizon prevents archiving of Yahoo Groups


On December 14, Yahoo will delete all content on the Yahoo Groups page. The Internet Archive wanted to archive the data collected over 20 years and found over a hundred volunteers for this work. In the last few weeks they prepared to download the data of those forums whose administrators wished public archiving. But now Yahoo owner Verizon has blocked access for volunteers for "violating terms of service".

The reports a group that volunteers from Yahoo Groups Archiving network on, The lock therefore affects at least 128 accounts. At the same time Yahoo should have modified the Groups service so that a used by the archivists semi-automatic script to join the individual Yahoo Groups forums no longer works. This would require the archivists to start over and manually join each forum registered for archiving. This is not in the few days left.

According to the volunteer group, angry about Verizon's sabotage, now threatens the loss of 80 percent of the Yahoo Groups data. Yahoo itself has provided its users with a downloadable tool. However, it only allows the download of their own messages, but not the answers of other users, which makes no meaningful archive. Photos, even uploaded, basically ignores Yahoo's tool.

In addition, Yahoo's service is not mature. Users report broken or incomplete downloads that sometimes contain viruses. In some cases Yahoo even provides the data of other users. Verizon's motive for the archive blockade is unclear. Heise online has asked the company for an opinion.

Yahoo Groups is about billions of contributions that are about to be irretrievably lost. As of mid-October, there were more than 5.6 million forums on Yahoo Groups. Of these, the archives could find around 2.8 million, of which nearly 1.5 million had a public news archive with an estimated total of 2.1 billion postings. Verizon Yahoo and AOL took over in 2017, but since then had to write off most of the purchase price.


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