Video Calling Screen Sharing Coming to Telegram

Telegram’s Android beta version with the code v7.9.0 came with important innovations. The screen sharing feature that users met in this beta version drew attention with its absence even on WhatsApp. It is not yet known when Telegram’s new features will come to the stable version.

At the beginning of 2020, WhatsApp has experienced an unprecedented growth with the new terms of use decision. Telegramaims to further enlarge its user base with new features. In this context, the constantly updated beta versions of the application ensure that the features that will come to Telegram are revealed. a new update Publishing the developer team reveals that great innovations await Telegram users.

The first of the new features discovered in Telegram’s latest Android beta is that it allows users to make a video call. to share their screen. allows. This feature, which is not even in WhatsApp today, will offer a unique experience when it is offered to users. Thanks to this feature, the person you are making a video call with will be able to see your screen easily if you share it. In this way, another user tell something, it will be very easy.

This is what Telegram’s new feature will look like


Another feature discovered in Telegram’s Android beta version with the code v7.9.0 is with video playback speeds relating to. Users will be able to adjust the playback speed of videos sent to them via Telegram in the near future. Telegram, which currently offers 5 different playback speed options, will allow videos to be played slower or much faster. Moreover, this feature is sent from within the application. in YouTube videos will also be available.


Another feature Telegram developers are working on regarding video playback options is videos. taking it in a small circle able to play. It is not known how functional this feature will be, but while messaging a user, you will be able to watch a video in a small circle that will appear on your screen. Also, one of the features that will be available in an upcoming release will be the ability to automatically delete messages. To date, Telegram, which has allowed past messages to be deleted in 1 week, has extended this period in the last beta version. takes up to 1 month.


For now, when the features that appeared in Telegram’s Android beta version with the code v7.9.0 will be available. Unknown. However, the developer team is working hard to make these features available as soon as possible. By the way, Telegram’s Android beta is only Can be installed as APKLet us remind you that such a thing is not allowed in the listing of the application on the Google Play Store.


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