Video of Doctors Scanning Airplane Passengers Against the Epidemic


The mysterious Wuhan virus emerging in China can turn into a global epidemic. Health workers who want to prevent this situation are scanning the passengers in the aircraft against the disease. The image of the doctors in the quarantine outfit is a bit scary.

in China emerging Wuhan The virus had suddenly brought the attention of the whole world to the region. The disease is known to spread throughout the country. Health professionals are trying to prevent the spread of the disease.

virus The virus, called Wuhan, was Wuhan, which was the first region where it appeared 2019-NCover the The authorities, who want to prevent their spread, control the passengers on the aircraft. An emerging video also shows these works.

Disease screening in aircraft:

chinese hospital

Journalist David Paulk The video shared on Twitter by has become an agenda on social media. The health workers in the video are seen while checking with their face masks as well as the clothes worn in biohazard and quarantine situations.

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