Video Showing NASA Helicopter’s Journey to Mars

Images of the flight of the Ingenuity helicopter sent to Mars by NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft for air exploration on Mars have been published. Scientists underlined that the published images give a comprehensive idea about the discovered environment.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on July 17, 2020 Mars Exploration Program as part of the Perseverance spacecraft threw, The spacecraft reached the Jezero crater on February 18, 2021. landed. An average car-sized spacecraft your main tasks ancient Martian life in Jezero crater, home to a large lake and river delta in ancient times. looking for symptoms and will be delivered to the world collect samples is known to be.

The 5-flight demonstration mission of Perseverance’s Ingenuity helicopter designed for aerial reconnaissance of Mars has begun. Ingenuity helicopter, Mars your flight Mars’ Jezero Crater on September 4 “Seitah” passing through the performed. Ingenuity, in flight lasting 160 seconds, Ingenuity is 210 meters horizontally and 8 meters vertically. traveled the way.

Video showing the journey of the NASA helicopter:

This video showing Ingenuity’s first flyby for Perseverance’s aerial reconnaissance mission, Mars exploration work It gave hope to scientists and viewers about it. starting September 4 flight missionscontinued on 24 October and 6 November.

Many images were recorded from various angles during the space mission to explore Mars. NASA’s first helicopter on a different planet Two short videos of the Ingenuity helicopter flying over the Red Planet Mars were brought together and shared. Images captured by NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft Mastcam-Z Camera system by was recorded.


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Justin Maki, NASA Investigator in Southern California,Wide even 300 meters away point of view and good quality recording performance It gives viewers a detailed idea of ​​the environment Ingenuity has discovered.” said. Researcher Maki appreciates the value of this video on Mastcam-Z that you revealed stressed.

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