Video streaming: Netflix brings variable playback speed for Android


In the future, a function can be used in the Netflix Android app with which the playback speed can be changed. The reports the magazine The Verge and invokes the video streaming provider. The company has been carrying out initial tests for this since last autumn.

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According to the current report, it should be possible in the future to reduce the playback speed of a single stream to 0.5 times or 0.75 times or to accelerate it to 1.25 times or 1.5 times. Many different software players have offered such functions for a long time. The video streaming provider Youtube also has such a possibility.

Netflix’s experiments on the option met with harsh criticism from filmmakers when it became known in October. Judd Apatow, director, screenwriter and producer, sharply criticized Netflix for the idea on Twitter. Apatow wrote: “We give you beautiful things. Leave them as they should be seen.”. But many users are already listening to audiobooks or podcasts at higher speeds, and Netflix also confirms that the function to change the playback speed in videos has often been expressed as a request.

In order to create a kind of balance between the demands of filmmakers on the one hand and the explicit desire for use on the other hand, the function will be available as an opt-in in the future. So it has to be activated explicitly and, according to the report, again and again individually for each content. Netflix has already started rolling out the feature that will be available globally to everyone in the streaming service in the coming weeks.

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