Video streaming: Netflix had to remove Night of the Living Dead


Netflix has removed a total of nine titles from the catalog in recent years due to government orders. The company gave this in one Transparency report (PDF download) known. In Germany it hit the zombie film Night of the Living Dead three years ago, which was removed from the catalog according to a request by the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media. The zombie film was re-filmed a few times, the original was by George A. Romero and was released in 1968. The film is called in Germany The night of the living dead and is considered a horror film classic.

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Netflix’s information does not clearly indicate which version of Night of the Living Dead was affected by the lock. The report always only mentions the English title. According to Netflix, it should be a version that is prohibited in Germany.

This could be the remake of Tom Savini released in 1990, the title in Germany The return of the undead and has been indexed in Germany since its publication. The film was confiscated in 2007 and since then it has not been permitted to sell or resell in this country.

Netflix has already removed a film this year

The latest block order came from Singapore this year. It was about the Brazilian religious satire The Last Hangover no longer available. In 2019, Singapore requested that the film be blocked Christ's Last Temptationmade by Martin Scorsese. Also last year, Saudi Arabia released an episode of the comedy series Patriot Act of the US comedian Hasan Minhaj.

In 2018 it was Singapore again that blocked content on Netflix. These included the cannabis cooking show Cooking on high by Netflix as well as the comedy series disjointed by Chuck Lorre and David Javerbaum. In 2017 Stanley became Kubrik's anti-war film Full metal jacket removed from Vietnam's Netflix catalog. The first ban came from New Zealand in 2015, where a film titled The Bridge was removed because it was considered offensive in the country. There are several films with this title, so it cannot be determined exactly which one is meant.

Netflix catalog varies from country to country

Due to legal reasons, above all due to license agreements, the Netflix range differs from country to country. The Netflix catalog in the USA, for example, can differ significantly from the range in Germany. The Netflix catalog in the US is currently noisy Just Watch almost 3,800 films on offer, while German customers are loud Just Watch Have access to almost 2,800 films. The US range is also ahead of that in Germany for series. Netflix customers in the USA can choose from almost 1,600 series, customers in Germany can access just over 1,300 series.

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