Video streaming: Search engines WhatsOnFlix and WhatsOnPrime will be discontinued

The WhatsOnFlix and WhatsOnPrime apps are no longer offered in the app stores. The applications made it possible to browse the catalogs of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Compared to the direct search on the streaming services, the apps should offer a better overview and additional functions such as ratings. This will soon come to an end for users who have already downloaded the apps: on August 31. the servers are switched off.

First had several blogs including, reported on the imminent end of WhatsOnFlix and WhatsOnPrime. The operator Zeemo from Lower Saxony has meanwhile confirmed the move to heise online. The team could no longer guarantee the quality of the data, explained company boss Sven Ziegler heise online. “For this reason, after three years of work, we decided with a heavy heart to remove both apps from the stores.”

For years it has been difficult to get the necessary data from Amazon and Netflix. Because the apps do not have direct access to the databases of the streaming services, Zeemo relies on so-called “scrapers”, tools that automatically read data from the Netflix and Prime Video websites. “Netflix is ​​doing everything possible to make the job more difficult for scrapers,” said Ziegler. Last week, Netflix blocked a host again. This limits the accuracy of the data.

The race with the streaming services then apparently became too much for the operators: They did not want to be satisfied with mediocre data, explained Ziegler. As part of this, not only the Netflix application WhatsOnFlix will be discontinued, but also the Prime sister WhatsOnPrime. Because Amazon has been taking rigorous action against scrapers for a long time, WhatsOnPrime could never achieve the data quality of its Netflix counterparts, according to Ziegler.


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