Viewed from 5 different Provinces: Is Meteorite Crashes in Turkey?


Citizens living in Artvin, Trabzon, Rize and Erzurum share a meteor image taken from different angles on social media. Images reflected in the sudden brightness, Turkey is causing a meteorite that fell to reviewers. Was the bright object in the images meteorite and reached the earth? We investigated possible answers to the problem.

Citizens living in different cities of Turkey, the sky suddenly shining flash and leaving a trail lost in the pursuit of short time discussing the strange object. In fact, it is not the images that cause the object to be strange, but the claims on social media. Because after the shine in question that the meteorite has fallen There shares.

However, these allegations are largely unrealistic. It is true that a meteor entered the atmosphere based on the images, but there is no clear evidence that this meteorite has reached the earth. Latest earthquake data When you look at it, the meteorite is seen Trabzon, Rize, Artvin, Ardahan, Muş and Erzurum It can be seen that there was no jolt around.

The clearest view of the meteorite: