‘Violence’ Statement by Telegram: We Removed Hundreds of Content


Telegram founder Pavel Durov made a statement due to the growing controversy. In the statements made within Telegram, it was stated that hundreds of content promoting violence was removed in the past weeks and no compromises were made on this issue. It did not go unnoticed that this statement came after the lawsuit against Apple.

One of the messaging apps that came to the fore after WhatsApp’s highly debated new Privacy Principles Telegram happened. Although it has been in our lives for a long time, Telegram, which has never been so popular, has also attracted great attention in our country. However, developments caused Telegram to be the subject of controversy. Especially the Telegram founder Pavel durov‘s past had sparked these discussions.

In a news we shared with you yesterday, the US-based technology giant Apple’s Telegram that you are defendant we reported. Plaintiffs say that some groups on Telegram encourage violence and even people are threatened. A new development is that Durov became aware of this case and that you feel discomfort reveals. Durov, who broadcasts a message on Telegram, states that they are doing their best to prevent calls for violence.

“We intervened in hundreds of posts last week”

Pavel durov

In the message published by Pavel Durov on Telegram, the platform to peaceful disputes He said that he always allows, respects freedom of thought, but does not hesitate to intervene when necessary. In this context, Durov, who spoke only in the past weeks, hundreds of content has been tampered with and stated that the obstacles were made. According to Durov, these posts invited people to the streets and violence.


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The Telegram founder also mentioned the Terms of Service in his comments on the subject. In case of need, these terms of all users that you can read Durov says that public calls are forbidden for whatever purpose, and that such situations are intervened. According to Pavel Durov, any civil movementrely on Telegram to communicate, and that won’t change.

“We evaluate all reports”


According to the statements made by Pavel Durov, content inciting violence, especially as of December started to proliferate. Stating that the contents reported at the beginning of January reached astronomical levels, Durov said that the teams took action and examined these reports with great care and made an in-depth analysis on the platform. cleaning is done says. Thanks to their work, Durov made sure that the moderators did not make the slightest concession. tens of thousands He argues that they prevent them from reaching the person.

Here are all these remarks from the Telegram founder’s discussions that you are uncomfortable a clear indicator. However, it is not known how much these statements will satisfy the public. In addition, whether this statement will affect the lawsuit against Apple is currently remains uncertain. Telegram, WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications seem to remain a hot topic for a while.

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