Viomi 21Face 5G TV Announced: Here's Its Features


Continuing its commercial life as Xiaomi's sub-brand, Viomi has announced its new smart television 21Face in different sizes. Smart TV, which is 45, 55, 65 and 75 inches in size, is the world's first 5G supported television.

One of the most popular technology manufacturers of recent times Xiaomistands out not only with its own products but also with its sub-brands. Viomi, one of the sub-brands of the Chinese company, is the world's first 5G connection supported announces her smart television.

Viomi announced the new smart TV, "21fa by"and offers consumers unique features. The 75-inch version of this smart television, measuring 45, 55, 65 and 75 inches, 8K resolution pushing the limits by presenting. In addition, this smart television has a 120 Hz screen refresh rate and offers a multitasking (split screen) experience.

Introducing the world's first 5G powered television "21 Face"

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Viomi's new smart TV, 4 core it has a processor and a 2-core GPU. In addition, this smart television has 8.5 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, and 100 watt speakers promise a quality experience to consumers. Viomi is able to filter the speakers on the new smart TV at Hi-Fi level and Dolby atmos also offers support.

Viomi Smart TV


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The 75-inch model with 8K resolution has unique features

5G connectivity support on Viomi's new smart TV, Qualcomm provided by a modem released by. In addition, this smart television includes artificial intelligence-supported cameras and sensors. Although the module with 1080p cameras and sensors opens the doors of advanced features, it appears as a minus that it does not have a pop-up structure.

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Viomi's new televisions also have two 3D interaction sensors and distance sensors. Also found on these televisions artificial intelligenceallows users to control the device with their hand gestures. For example, even if you don't have the remote, you can turn this smart TV on and off. Finally, this mind is on TV Wi-Fi 6 Let's also say that it has support.

Viomi 21Face price and availability

In the statements made by Viomi, this smart television June 18 As of today, it has been stated that it will be available to retailers in China and Viomi's official website. The price of the world's first 5G powered smart TV is currently priced, while the product appears to be difficult to leave outside of China. not disclosed.

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