Virgin Galactic Announces Ticket Prices for Space Tourism


Virgin Galactic, which officially launched space tourism last month and took its first ‘tourists’ on a journey, has announced its ticket schedule. The company will offer different options to tourists who want to take a trip in space.

The space race has reached a whole new dimension with the involvement of private companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. Space travel now that only astronauts can We are in a phase where private journeys cease to exist, and this is not just a ‘theoretical’ situation.

One of the biggest steps on this path took place last month. Richard Branson’s commercial space travel company Virgin Galacticmade its first space tourism trip in July. A team of 6 people, including Richard Branson, went on a journey with the spacecraft called ‘Unity’ and made the first ‘ ‘ ‘ by a private company in tourism journey so it came true.

Ticket prices have been announced;

Virgin Galactic space tourism

First of all, it should be noted that Virgin Galactic’s actual journey is the height considered ‘space’. It’s just going up 100km and coming back. and it takes a very short time. The price to be paid to embark on this short but exciting journey tells us that we should not lose hope.

Virgin Galactic offers its passengers 3 different options; option to purchase a single seat, multi-seat package or all seats in flight. The prices of the tickets are according to the new statements. from 45 thousand dollars will begin.

Considering that what we are talking about is going to space when space tourism has just begun in human history, 45 thousand dollars seems like a price that many people can easily afford. In the world, it is possible to go to space for an average new car in our country, which is not bad for a start.


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Virgin Galactic’s next journey in September expected to perform. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos, who went to space in the past weeks and said that we are in space tourism, and Elon Musk, who surprisingly left behind his competitors, are also expected to appear with new space travels in the next period.

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