Virtualization: Qemu gets microvm for container


The free emulation and virtualization tool Qemu has received the type of machine Microvm, as the developer responsible for the work Sergio Lopez on Twitter telling. This is a particularly reduced environment, which should own for lightweight virtualization, but especially for containers. The small virtual machines (VMs) serve as hosts for the containers.

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  1. Marquis Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, Herbrechtingen
  2. Marc Cain GmbH, Bodelshausen

The work on the Microvm are, according to López, inspired by Amazon's Firecracker. The aim of the Firecracker project is to combine the advantages of containers that start up quickly and are comparatively small with VMs that are supposed to provide greater security than containers through strict isolation and true virtualization. The Kata Containers project also pursues this concept and can now be used with Firecracker.

The microvm environment of Qemu is according to the documentation of the project similar to the above optimized for a particularly fast start time and should occupy only a few resources. Also, the guest systems used with it should not have a long service life. This is achieved, among other things, by the waiver of PCI and ACPI. Likewise, neither types of hotplug events nor live migrations between Qemu versions are supported.

The documentation also contains detailed explanations on the use of the new machine type in Qemu. For example, it is possible to dispense with other different hardware components under certain circumstances in order to make the microvm even smaller. There are also examples of commands for starting the microvm.