Visa and Mastercard are reviewing business relationships with Pornhub


The two payment service providers Visa and Mastercard are reviewing their business relationships with MindGeek, the operator of numerous porn portals such as Pornhub or YouPorn. The occasion is a contribution in the New York Times, which accuses Pornhub, among other things, of having published videos of child abuse and non-consensual sexual violence.

Visa and Mastercard have independently started investigating the allegations reported New York Times. Visa explained that it works with financial institutions and MindGeek – including the banks through which MindGeek’s transactions run. They don’t want to work with companies that engage in illegal activities. Should it be found that Pornhub is not complying with applicable laws or financial institution guidelines and underwriting standards, Visa payments will no longer be accepted.

Mastercard argued according to the report of the New York Times Similarly: “If the allegations are well founded, we will take immediate action,” quoted the US newspaper Mastercard. In the event of illegal activity, Mastercard will ask MindGeek’s bank to end its relationship with Pornhub unless an effective compliance plan is in place.

In the commentary “The Children of Pornhub” the New York Times from Friday the author has accused Pornhub of posting videos of teenage girls who were victims of assault and human trafficking on the platform. The sexual acts were not consensual, it was rape. The perpetrators in the videos were arrested, but Pornhub would not have removed the videos and continued to benefit from them.

MindGeek, which is headquartered in Luxembourg but mostly operates out of Canada, denied the allegations as Reuters reported. The company is against child abuse and would not condone such material on Pornhub. Accordingly, such videos would be identified in order to “eradicate” them. According to the report, however, the team that views user-uploaded videos on Pornhub is too small.

Other payment service providers such as American Express and PayPal do not work with Pornhub. PayPal, for example, prohibits payment processing for sexually oriented digital goods such as photos, videos and service subscriptions. PayPal terminated its cooperation with Pornhub in 2019 after the payment service provider found that Pornhub was paying porn actors for exclusive Pornhub videos through PayPal.


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