VMware: Virtualizer Fusion for ARM-Macs still needs time


VMware has for the first time announced specific plans to adapt Fusion for ARM Macs: The plan is to publish a tech preview of the virtualizer for Macs with Apple chips in the current year 2021, as the manufacturer has now announced. The development is progressing well, but there is still a lot to be done. VMware has already rejected support for virtual machines with x86 operating systems – it will therefore not be possible to install Windows or Linux, for example, from an x86 ISO image.

On ARM Macs, Fusion will be primarily designed for the virtualization of Linux distributions for ARM. Windows support has a lower priority because the license issue for Windows 10 on ARM is still unclear, writes VMware – So far, the Windows on ARM Insider Preview can only be virtualized on Windows 10 PCs. The matter should now be clarified with Microsoft. Should the operating system manufacturer adjust its license conditions, they are ready to officially support Windows for ARM in Fusion.

Even virtual machines with macOS are not planned for the time being, explains the company and refers to “challenges” that can only be solved together with Apple.

The internal version of Fusion runs very quickly and completely quietly on a MacBook Air with Apple’s M1 chip, after all, according to VMware, the notebook does not have a fan. In his 12 years with the software company, he has never seen a virtual machine boot and run so quickly, writes the product manager. Even without the currently still missing support for 3D hardware acceleration, one does not have to hide from the competition, it continues – an allusion to Parallels, which Parallels Desktop recently shipped for ARM Macs and also promises a leap in performance on ARM Macs.

  • A detailed review of Parallels Desktop on M1 Macs can be found in Mac & i issue 3/2021, which will be released on June 3rd.

Just like its competitor, Fusion last year switched to Apple’s hypervisor interface for virtualizing operating systems in macOS 11 on Intel Macs. Since then, the Fusion 12 Player has been offered free of charge for private use.


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