Voice Chat App Clubhouse Banned In China


Clubhouse, an audio social media application that has come to light recently, has been banned by the Chinese government. It is known that many Chinese people used the Clubhouse before the ban.

Although it has a limited number of users due to its newly released and invited members, it has managed to become one of the most popular social media applications of the recent period. Clubhouse is banned in China. The Clubhouse, which allows people to exchange ideas by talking about certain topics, was frequently used in China as well as in our country.

The Chinese government has decided to ban the application, probably due to Clubhouse’s policies. Chinese users, unlike other social media platforms, unregistered He was headed for the Clubhouse. Users discussing the issues censored here, therefore, showed great interest in Clubhouse. In fact, Clubhouse invitations, according to the Financial Times newspaper,, from $ 77 on the internet he started to find buyers.


Chinese government bans social media platforms it cannot control

You have seen from our previous news that many social media platforms are banned in China. Twitter, Facebook In the country where social media platforms such as those that are not under the control of the Chinese state were banned, Clubhouse, which makes it possible to socialize with voice, has now been banned.

Clubhouse China


A Microsoft Manager Could Not Be A Member Of The Clubhouse Due To His Name

Use of the Clubhouse that it is not forbidden in our country Let’s remind. Of course, a limited number of people can enter the Clubhouse as it is very difficult to reach the invitation right now. The application is expected to increase the number of users in the coming days. So what do you guys think about the Clubhouse banned in China? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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