Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Unveiled at Munich Motor Show


Standing out with the ID.4 it launched this year, Volkswagen introduced the ID.5 GTX at the Munich Motor Show. Although some parts of the vehicle are similar to ID.4, ID.5 attracted great attention at the fair.

German automotive giant Volkswagen, with the ID.4, which it launched this year had attracted the attention. ID.4’s new brother ID.5 GTX, which draws attention among crossover vehicles, was showcased at the Munich Motor Show.

Volkswagen, which does not want to show the details of the vehicle shown at the fair, almost completely covered with a colorful camouflage. But despite this camouflage, the vehicle highly appreciated.

Similar in design to ID.4

When we look at the ID.5 GTX, the first thing that draws attention is the difference between the front of the vehicle and the ID.4. similarity. Although all the details of the vehicle are not clearly evident due to the coating, the grille, headlights and bumper design are quite similar to the ID.4 model. it’s obvious.

When we look at the other parts of the vehicle, it is seen that the windshield is slightly more inclined and there is a apron (spoiler) seems to have been added. Especially the spoiler added to the vehicle, ID.5 GTX much more sports made an appearance.

The ID.5 GTX could be the king of electric crossovers

Volkswagen, this vehicle “Modular Electric Driving Matrix” (MEB) will equip it with a special platform. This platform placed under the vehicle and there will be an area where parts such as engines needed by electric vehicles will be placed. Equipped with MEB platform, ID.5 GTX, one on each axle, in total 2 pieces It will be powered by an electric motor and will be powered by lithium-ion batteries. Although features such as the vehicle’s horsepower and torque have not been announced yet, the vehicle’s ID. much more efficient certain to happen. The ID.4 also had a twin engine and was under its hood. 295 hp had it.

At the demonstration in Munich, officials said that the vehicle shown very close to the end that it is in a state and there are only some minor your details stated that it will change. Authorities also have more information about the vehicle in the coming weeks. a lot of information will be shared explained.


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Volkswagen ID.5 GTX’in in 2022 scheduled for release. Whether the vehicle will be sold in the USA not clear yet.