Volkswagen ID.Vizzion Prepares to Hit the Road in 2023


New details have come about the ID.Vizzion of Volkswagen, which has gained momentum in the transformation of electric cars, is preparing to hit the road in 2023. The vehicle will come with a range of 700 km and will be able to reach 100 km in 5.6 seconds.

With the interest of electric cars, its production is increasing day by day. Although Tesla is still the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to electric cars, all giant manufacturers have a great transformation we all witness that it started.

Volkswagen is one of the automakers who clung to the end of the rope at this point. Stating that they want to reach record levels in electric car sales until 2023, the company is the last one after the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5 Coupe SUV. ID.Vizzion It appeared before us with its concept.

Production version of ID.Vizzion concept, according to a report on Automotive News Europe Aero-B under the name. Volkswagen, this new electric vehicle 2023 ‘ getting ready to hit the road.

It will come with a range of 700 km:

ID.Vizzion Concept Design

ID.Vizzion, according to the first information received 700 km will come with range and in fast charging stations 10 minutes after a short charge 230 km will be able to travel along. Volkswagen aims to use an 84 kWh battery to ensure the vehicle reaches this impressive range.

The design of the vehicle will be similar to the concept vehicles we have encountered so far. While VW engineers detail the design, especially the maximum aerodynamic efficiency we know it works for. It is possible that this design concept will prevail in all electric vehicles we will see in the future. Because in this way, the range of the vehicles is also increased.

Passat is expected to replace in Europe:

ID.Vizzion Sedan


Both Volkswagen and Tesla Working on Affordable Electric Cars

With a report recently, we learned that Volkswagen will stop Passat production in Europe after the US version. Following this development, the new electric sedan that will hit the roads in 2023, especially in Europe Passat will replace is being considered.