Volkswagen’s SUV Coupe Model ‘Taigo’ is Coming to Turkey


Volkswagen is bringing the SUV coupe model, which it introduced for the Brazilian market a few months ago, under the name Nivus, to the European market. The vehicle, which will come to Turkey and other countries in Europe under the name Taigo, seems to draw attention with its design and technological features. The vehicle is expected to arrive in Turkey in 2022.

Germany-based automobile giant Volkswagen has launched a new crossover It is getting ready to launch its model. Announced months ago and first introduced to the Brazilian market, the SUV coupe named “Nivus” will be presented to Europe and naturally to Turkey under the name “Taigo”. Volkswagen Taigo in 2022 It is expected to come to Turkey.

The name SUV coupe is not familiar to many of us. To explain this design language; TaigoWe can say that it will look like an SUV and give the feeling of a coupe. In other words, the vehicle will appear both relatively high and with a serious slope at the rear. Volkswagen officials, who said that they are aware of the vehicles that consumers are interested in, said that Taigo is one of all car enthusiasts. that they believe they will get full marks they express.

Introducing Volkswagen Taigo

Volkswagen Taigo

The exterior design of Taigo, which will come to the European market, strip LED headlightsA large body stands out with the details on the hood. At the rear of the vehicle, which has a very rigid structure, stretching across The lighting detail draws attention. Volkswagen Taigo’s interior design has details that show itself at least as much as its exterior design.

Volkswagen Taigo

When we look at the interior design of Volkswagen Taigo, we encounter a functional steering wheel. Also focusing on the driver infotainment system it doesn’t look too bad either. The only thing we can criticize about Taigo, which has features such as digital air conditioning, start stop, ghost screen, is the used old style It looks like it’s the handbrake.


Volkswagen’s new SUV coupe model is not a vehicle produced for difficult terrain conditions. Taigo therefore only front wheel drive way it is produced. In this context, the SUV coupe, which will come up with two different engine options, can be purchased with 1.0-liter 3-cylinder or 1.5-liter four-cylinder engines. These engine options, which will produce 110 and 150 horsepower, respectively, are manual or 7 speed automatic DSG to be combined with the gearbox.

Volkswagen Taigo

Volkswagen Taigo will also have a very advanced structure in terms of technological features. In this context environmental monitoring systemFeatures such as lane tracking system and travel assistant will be offered with this vehicle. Travel assistant, maximum set by the company 210 km / s speed, will offer semi-autonomous driving pleasure.


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