Voting Starts at Steam Awards


The 2020 vote for the Steam Awards, where the best games of the year are selected in different categories on Steam, has started. Voting will continue until January 3rd, and the winners will be announced the same day.

Proving that it is the most preferred platform on the PC with the record of the number of simultaneous players it broke consecutively this year, Steam, The best of 2020 will be selected It announced the 2020 nominees at the Steam Awards and the voting started.

In the past few weeks, voting has begun for candidates to be elected and all players have voted to nominate their favorites. Now is it’s time to choose the winner. Players will be able to vote in 10 categories in total and for each vote cast Winter Sale Trading Cards will have a chance to win a random card from his set.

Categories you can vote in the Steam Awards:

Steam Awards 2020

  • Game of the Year
  • Best VR Game of the Year
  • Sustained by Love
  • Better With Friends
  • Superior Visual Style
  • Most Innovative Gameplay
  • Best Game You Suck At
  • Best Album Award
  • Outstanding Story-Rich Game
  • Sit Back and Relax Award

Steam Game of the Year


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Perhaps the most curious ‘Game of the Year’ category has nominations for Red Dead Redemption II, Hades, Doom Eternal, Fall Guys and Death Stranding. Voting in Steam Awards where all Steam users can vote in any category January 3, 20.00and the winners will be announced on the same evening, showing 21:00.

If you would like to vote on your favorite games and see those games amongst the winners of the Steam Awards here You can go to the voting page by clicking on the categories you want. you can vote. Don’t forget to share with us which games you voted for and your predictions for the winners. When the results are announced, we will be sharing them with you in no time.