Warning About “Up To” Discounts From The Ministry of Commerce


The Ministry of Commerce warned consumers to be wary of discount campaigns by brands. Stating that it is against the rules to cancel sales due to insufficient stock, the ministry stated that brands have to specify which campaign is related to which product on the discount days.

As you know, the eyes of the Ministry of Commerce have been on discount campaigns for a while. The ministry, which wants to prevent the so-called discount campaigns organized to remove the consumer, has recently increased the price of the product on the internet in order to prevent it from appearing as if it has made a discount. new regulations will be introduced had explained.

The Ministry of Commerce, which wants consumers to approach such campaigns more consciously, explained what should be considered in discounts made on both physical and online stores. The Ministry, “up to 50% discount” in the expression “up to” “up to” phrases such as It is forbidden to write too small to read. He stated that it is obligatory for the stores to take the previous price as a basis when calculating the discount rate.

“Sales cancellations made because they are out of stock are against the legislation”


As a matter of fact, this statement made by the ministry was made not only to raise awareness of the consumer, but also to warn the brands. The ministry, which states that brands have to specify between which dates and which products their campaigns are about, It is against the rules to sell by first raising and then lowering product prices. stated.

One of the points that the Ministry drew attention to was that the stock status of the discounted products was not clearly stated enough. The Ministry of Commerce states that brands should transparently share with consumers the stock status of products that are on sale, that the sales cancellations made because it is out of stock are against the legislation. stressed.

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