Water began to be destroyed in the bottomless lake

The Bottomless Lake, which has been in existence for 12 thousand years, was dried and destroyed as a result of the excavations carried out in search of treasure. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization decided to give water to the area to bring Dipsiz Lake back to life.

Bottomless Lake, one of Turkey's natural beauty, from the Ice Age, and he remained in existence for 12 thousand years. This natural work was decided to be destroyed upon the claim of two people. Underneath the Bottomless Lake, which is claimed to be the treasure of the 15th Apollinaris legion from the Roman Empire, It came out, hence 12 thousand years of natural beauty, a for the sake of was dried.

Gumushane Governorship, after the excavation work is completed “The lake area has been restored” but had explained the lake filled with soil He understood. Later, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Gumushane Governorate, which initiated an investigation into the excavation, reacted to the Hüseyin Ateş, Provincial Director of Culture and Turism, Elif Öktem, Director of the Museum and Yunus Ağa, the Director of the Museum. Excavation permit report slipshod it had been prepared in a form.

The destroyed lake area will be re-filled with water

Bottomless Lake

After the excavation, the necessary efforts were made to restore the Dipsiz Lake to its former state, which was filled with soil. environment and urban ministryHas decided to remove the perishable soil that has been poured into the area for the lake, which has been initiated to declare it a ‘natural protected area..

The ministry, which worked to restore the lake instead of the extracted soil, decided to pour water-resistant chalky and clay soil. The base of the prepared lake area from the river next to the lake water started. Whether the water will remain in the area after the lake area is filled to be observed and the ministry will take its next step accordingly.


Minister of Environment and Urbanization Flash 'Bottomless Lake' Statement

The fact that the 12 thousand-year-old natural work, which was dried out after the excavations started on November 6, will be replaced by an artificial lake. controversy caused. The naturalness and the legacy of thousands of years of filling the area with water you lose The report says. Do you think the Dipsiz Lake area to be filled with water can compensate for the excavation and drying? Feel free to share your ideas with us in comments.

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