We Explain the Discomfort of Eating Human Feces


Flying scientist Celal Şengör admitted that he ate his own excrement just because he was curious. He said that human excrement tastes bitter. So how is human excrement, why are people trying to eat it?

The excrement of cows and mountain goats grazing at the place where he did his doctorate in Switzerland tasted, theirs was a little sweet. It is known that the feces of meat-eating animals smell worse than herbivores, so it is estimated that it is directly proportional in taste.

When Celal Şengör explained this, he got a reaction – not surprisingly.

celal sengor stool

On top of that, he said that “eating faeces is not harmful, even some necessary for treatments It is not very realistic to say that it is not harmful, but it cannot be said that every stool is harmful.

Although eating feces can make you sick with parasite contamination, some healthy feces can be used as a treatment for some patients.

faecal transplant

With the medical practice called fecal transplantation “feces” In certain cases, it is taken from a healthy individual and given to the patient by mouth (capsule) or anus through an apparatus. Sometimes, treatment is carried out by giving it directly to the intestine with colonoscopy.

Beneficial bacteria found in healthy stools are given to patients and beneficial bacteria number is duplicated. This type of stool is usually from vegans, It is taken from vegetarians (because they eat healthy).

There are also those who are not like Celal Şengör, who eat feces not because of curiosity, but because they have a disease. This habit/disease is called coprophagia.


This inconvenience “pica syndrome” It is like eating all kinds of excrement, whether it is one’s own or not. takes pleasure. Pica syndrome is a condition in which non-nutritive materials (earth, glass, etc.) are eaten with an irresistible desire. It can be seen due to problems such as anemia, mineral deficiency, psychiatric disorders, anorexia nervosa.

Sometimes it can be seen due to sexual pleasure. These people, called Koprofil, take pleasure from playing with feces.


He is a paraphilia, usually BDSM or associated with infantilism. This may feel like an obligation and can lead to sexual dysfunction. It can also be the cause of hepatitis disease.

Excess feces, which do not work for some living things and need to be removed from the body, can be of nutritional value for other living things.

butterfly stool

For example, butterflies are one of the creatures that feed on feces. These creatures benefit from the last nutrients left in the feces. in dogs too Eating stool is common. It is even known that it has a positive effect on the neurological development of the offspring (thanks to the high deoxycholic acid it contains). internal parasitic may cause infections.

It is also a requirement for Rattus norvegicus rats because these animals B vitamins They can only obtain it from their feces. The reason is that cellulose takes place in the cecum and vitamin B is synthesized there.

In summary; While faeces is just a waste material for most living things, it is not so in terms of science and some animals. Curious and some sick people have a place in their lives.