We Have 335 Thousand New Cases and 4,000 Losses in 2 Weeks


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made frightening statements about the course of the epidemic. Speaking in numbers in a statement made on Twitter, Koca revealed the pessimistic picture waiting for Turkey. Accordingly, if we do not speed up the vaccination efforts, we can sacrifice 4,000 more of our citizens to the coronavirus in just 2 weeks.

The Minister of Health, who has been on the agenda with every statement he has made since the first day of the coronavirus pandemic. Fahrettin KocaWhile explaining the daily coronavirus case table of September 1, 2021, announced that the course of the epidemic has reached a very critical point. Starting his words by saying “If it continues like today”, Koca said, scary numbers explained. The only thing that can be done to prevent these frightening numbers from being true is to be vaccinated.

The table shared by the Minister of Health yesterday, 23 bin 946 It showed that there was a new case of coronavirus. In addition, 290 more of our citizens lost their lives by succumbing to the disease. The number of citizens who recovered on the day of more than 300 thousand tests was recorded as 15 thousand 164. Well, as Health Minister Koca said; What will happen if it continues as it is today??

The frightening statement of Fahrettin Koca is as follows:

Fahrettin Koca

According to the statements made by Fahrettin Koca, if the picture on September 1 continues in a similar way in the following days of September; in 2 weeks Our 335 thousand new coronavirus cases it will be. Also, in this process The death toll will reach 4,000. Fahrettin Koca, “By ignoring the fact of the epidemic in daily life, the first dose by delaying the vaccinationAs a society, we pay a heavy price for neglecting follow-up doses.” said.

vaccination chart


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When we look at the vaccine data in the daily case table, it is seen that the population aged 18 and over 78.24 percenta dose of 60.20 percentWe see that he had received two doses of vaccine. These rates are undoubtedly promising, but citizens who continue to be anti-vaccine will, unfortunately, one day expect this rate to rise even more. they will hinder. Here we will see what will happen that day.