Web search: Google tests text markers in search engine

A Google employee has approvedthat the company is recently testing a new feature on its search engine. In about 5 percent of the search queries, the relevant points in the answers are given a yellow background. That reports Website Searchengineland,

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This text marker is designed to help users find the answer to their query faster. The editors of were also shown in the past few weeks from time to time these marked positions in the search results – an official confirmation, there was not yet.

The markings actually lead to the sought-after being found faster. In the results we received, the marked points always corresponded to the response to our request.

Participation in the test is purely coincidental

As the Google employee explains, the markers are randomly selected in the search results. So it may be that one user receives a marker during a search, but not at the next one. This is also consistent with our experience: we have received the highlighting only sporadically, not consistently and with every search.

Google uses the markers in its test on all possible websites, not just on AMP sites. For pages with a lot of content, the direct jump to the relevant point is a time saving that should not be neglected.

When the test ends and the new feature will be available to all users is not yet known.