What is Amazon Web Services (AWS) and How to Use It?


Let’s examine why the Amazon Web Services cloud platform offered by Amazon is preferred and successful by many people.

Many people around the world use cloud computing services to store and access data via the internet. Since we cannot store any data on personal computers, you can access the data you have stored using cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services This is a service that meets your needs and is preferred by many large institutions and organizations in the world.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) what?


Amazon Web Services is an Amazon subsidiary known as reliable, low cost and easy to use, and also has the world’s most elaborate and widely used cloud system. It is a secure cloud services platform that offers compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functions to help many businesses thrive and grow. AWS cloud computing platform, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform (PaaS) and software (SaaS) It has been developed by combining its offers.

It has generated revenue that has grown steadily in recent years and accounts for 13.5% of Amazon’s total revenue. Set the record to become a $ 10 billion business in 2020 broke. Amazon has the power to control more than a third of the cloud market with AWS. One of the biggest reasons for having this power is that it has 76 accessibility zones where its servers are located.

In these regions where services are served, their main purpose is to allow their users to set geographical boundaries and while doing so, to provide security by diversifying the physical locations where data is kept. Together with its success, AWS Covers 245 countries and territories. In this way, he dictated himself in gold letters in the industry as the most widely used cloud system. We learned what AWS is, now let’s take a look at what it does.

What does Amazon Web Services (AWS) do?

What does AWS do?

Amazon Web Services offers a wide variety of cloud-based products for business purposes. These products include storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, development tools and enterprise applications. Millions of customers, mostly large corporations and leading government agencies; uses AWS to reduce costs and innovate faster. You can do many activities with AWS. For some of these, we can say the following; All your files securely in the cloud so you can access them whenever and wherever you want.

You can use managed databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server to store information and provide your customers with you can send bulk e-mail. It also allows the organizations we have mentioned to use known programming models, operating systems and databases.

Amazon Web Services not only helps you with many of your business but also provides you with its advantages and ease of use. These benefits will actually also help you understand what AWS is for. Operating data centers and you won’t have to spend money to maintain it. It offers fast data deployments and you can easily add or remove capacity. Last but not least, the most important advantage is; Fast cloud access is allowed with unlimited capacity.

Some Important AWS Services:

What does AWS do

AWS Compute Services – Cloud Computing Services

  • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud): EC2 is a virtual machine that exists in the cloud where you have control over the operating system, and you can run this cloud server at any time.
  • LightSail: This cloud computing tool automatically manages the computing and networking capabilities required to run your applications to run them.
  • EKS (Elastic Container Service for Governors): Thanks to this tool, it allows you to use Kubernetes in the Amazon cloud environment without installation.
  • AWS Lambda: This AWS service allows you to run functions in the cloud. Also this tool only asks you to pay when your functions are running, which saves a huge cost for you
  • AWS Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service): In this service; We can store objects such as files, folders, pictures and documents.

Storage – Depolama:

Database Services

  • Glacier: This archive service is low cost to store your files for as long as several years or even more.
  • Storage Gateway: It is a virtual machine that you install on your in-house servers. With this storage service, your on-premises data can be backed up to AWS, providing greater durability.

Database Services – Databases

  • RDS (Relational Database Service): This service allows you to run many relational databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server. These databases are managed by AWS.
  • DynamoDB: It is a high performance NoSQL database.
  • Elasticache: It is an effective way to cache data in the cloud. In addition, you can use it to reduce the load on your database by caching the most frequently used data.
  • Neptune: This database service is a very fast, reliable and scalable graph database.
  • RedShift: AWS is the solution service used to run OLAP queries, which are the most populated storages and complex data.

Security Services – Security Services

  • IAM (Identity and Access Management): It allows you to manage users and create groups to manage multiple users.
  • Inspector: It is a security tool that you install on your virtual machines and then reports all security vulnerabilities.
  • Certificate Manager: It gives you free SSL certificates for your domains managed by Route53.
  • WAF (Web Application Firewall): It provides application-level protection and prevents SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks.
  • Shield (Kalkan): It is a managed DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection service that protects web applications running or used with AWS.

Application Services

  • Step Functions: This service is a way to visualize what’s inside your app as well as what different microservices it is using.
  • SWF (Simple Workflow Service): It is a way of coordinating both automated tasks and human-led tasks in application services.
  • SNS (Simple Notification Service): The Simple Notification Service can be used to send you notifications in the form of email or SMS regarding Amazon Web Services services.

Some Companies Using AWS:

  • Instagram,
  • Netflix,
  • Dropbox,
  • Examples are Talkbox and Playfish.

In this article, we tried to tell you what Amazon Web Services (AWS) is, how it can be used and what it does. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article AWS including many institutions used by many people. The most important feature of this service being preferred so much is that it undertakes extensive works as a cloud system. They both help their users to save money and they can securely store their data.

The fact that it has very important services shows how comprehensive AWS is. Your overview of these services Amazon Web ServicesIt will help you understand. We hope it was an enjoyable reading. Stay tuned for the continuation of this and similar content. See you in our next article.