What Is Apocalyptic Sun That Looks Like A Horror Movie?

The Doomsday sun, which appears in polluted weather and after forest fires and because of air pollution, is scary to some people and impressive to others. Global warming also plays a big role in the formation of this natural phenomenon.

Especially on summer days, close to sunset, the sun is normal. more scary and you may have witnessed that it looks strange. In our country generallyRed SunThis condition, known as ” Doom Sun, well “Doomsday Sunis called โ€.

This image is a common sight in horror or post-apocalyptic movies. Many people find this image frightening. In general, there is smoke in places where the sun of doom is seen. makes it even weirder.

So why is the Sun of Assumption formed?

This image, which is beautiful to some people and frightening to others, is about the natural environment. a serious problem It’s actually a warning that indicates that it is. Doomsday sun, usually too much air pollution It is seen in places where there is a problem, and as the air quality in the environment decreases, this situation becomes even more frightening.

Especially Forest fires This situation, which is seen in areas where there is a lot of factory fumes and factory fumes, is caused by the rays emitted by the sun. broken down by dust particles due to. The sun looks redder than normal because the refracted sun rays appear much brighter and more vivid. Global warming, which has been on the rise recently, makes it easier for the sun’s rays to enter the atmosphere and much scarier suns It can cause us to see.

A scary but impressive sight

Doomsday sun, which you can see in situations such as volcanic eruptions and foggy weather, especially in the western parts of the USA common it is a natural phenomenon. Many people find this situation both frightening and impressive. Although this natural phenomenon looks impressive, looking at it directly with the naked eye, can cause serious damage.


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