What is behind the future trend?

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In Asia, live stream shopping is already a megatrend. It is also slowly gaining ground in Germany. Social livestream shopping is based on the interaction with the viewer who participates in a live shopping show in real time. What’s behind it?

In contrast to teleshopping channels, in which viewers play a more passive role, social live stream shopping relies on interaction with the customer. So that brands and shopkeepers can offer this without complex installation, the Hamburg company Millennium Technology has developed “Solisho”, a solution that does not require a separate app. Live shows can be easily transferred to your own online shop environment. Viewers join the program by clicking a link. Buyers can participate both at home on their computers and on the move.

“Livestream shopping offers the virtual opportunity to shop online with friends, to exchange ideas and to find offers,” explains Jasmin Wollesen, founder and managing director of Millennium Technology. “Despite purely virtual interaction, the chat function and the proximity of the presenter create an emotional closeness.”

Livestream shopping: those who communicate benefit

But livestream shopping isn’t just about showing off products. It all comes down to the interaction with the audience. It helps brands and shopkeepers to advertise their products during a shopping show and to answer questions from buyers via an integrated chat function. Livestream shopping shows can also be recorded to increase engagement and sales later.

Close cooperation

The Solisho tool was created in direct exchange with the multichannel retailer Weltbild D2C Group. The company relies on this new sales channel and initially invited customers to livestream shopping using the new tool every two weeks.

“We want to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience. In close cooperation, Millennium Technology has developed a really good tool that optimally complements our previous sales channels and also serves the trend towards mobile shopping with an excellent solution, ”says Christian Sailer, CEO of the Weltbild Group. “This is already evident from the enthusiastic customer reactions to the first live shows. We see great potential in this solution. ”

Social livestream shopping also caters to smaller businesses Marketing added value

Live presentations don’t always have to be perfect and error-free. Rather, customers want authenticity and originality. Authentic sellers are more important than a perfectly produced live stream. Customers want to interact, discover new things and have attractive shopping experiences through temporary offers and individual discounts. In addition to direct marketing in the style of teleshopping 2.0, pure advice can also be offered for a selected customer base with a direct shopping function. But workshops and courses with a live shopping function can also be implemented. The possibilities are many. If you don’t want to chat, you still have the option of liking products and thus raising little like hearts on your screen. A gamification factor that is also used on some social media. If an article receives a certain number of likes, this appears as a message for all users in the chat window – a possibility to see which articles are received by other purchase participants.

Integrate your own shop easily and efficiently

The products presented in the live broadcast are displayed below the stream. A click on it redirects the user to the product page that is played from the online shop. The desired variant can be selected there and then placed in the online shopping cart. The customer completes his purchase in the online shop as usual. Questions and comments about the products can be entered at any time via the live chat embedded in the live stream for direct communication with the retailer online.

“Direct feedback from retailers was incredibly important for us in developing the tool. The Weltbild team was a great help here, and we also obtained feedback from small companies so that we are now able to respond to all needs, ”says Jasmin Wollesen.

Solisho can be integrated in three ways:

  1. The articles, shopping cart and checkout are directly connected to the retailer’s shop. This procedure requires that some settings have to be made on the shop server.
  2. Articles and shopping cart are shown in Solisho. When the buyer goes to checkout, the items are copied from the shopping cart to the shopping cart / checkout of the shop. No settings need to be made here on the shop server. The checkout / shopping cart will then open in a new tab / window.
  3. If the retailer does not have his own shop, there is the option of including an order list. The user can place his order, which is collected on the list and then handed over to the dealer.

With all variants, all customer data remains with the dealer. Setting up your own “room” for a live stream and creating the products only takes a few minutes for all three variants. After completion of a live stream room, it can be switched live with a desired countdown or immediately. There is also the option of leaving the stream room as a video after the stream has ended as an information video and, depending on your requirements, fading in and out the products and / or the chat.

“Solisho should not only become a tool for the simple and inexpensive integration of live streams into the online shop environment,” says Jasmin Wollesen. “We would like to build a platform in which companies can support each other with their reach and offer customers real added value with many different livestream shopping events. Similar to a virtual shopping mall in which everyone can use their live streaming and information video rooms as they wish. ”

Portal for live stream shopping events founded

In order to give customers a better overview of daily livestream shopping events, Millennium Technology has developed, in addition to Solisho software, the portal ““Was founded, which, similar to an online program guide, announces all known livestream shopping dates.

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Livestream Shopping, Dr.  Jan Tänzler
Image: Millennium Technology

Dr. Jan Tänzler is one of the co-founders of Millennium Technology GmbH and is responsible for sales.