What is behind the new P2C management?

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Constellation Research introduces a new category for technology solutions with P2C and has named Productsup as the most comprehensive platform in this category.

Productsup, the business that enables real commerce, has been named a leader in the first ever Constellation ShortList ™ for Product-to-Consumer (P2C) Management – a new category for technology solutions. Constellation Research introduced the brand new P2C management category this week in its ShortList ™ and market overview report. The category aims to award technology solutions from companies that cover the complex omnichannel processes for a holistic retail approach.

The answer to the challenges of today’s retail

“The complexity of omnichannel processes in B2B, B2C and D2C is increasing exponentially for brands, retailers and service providers,” says R “Ray” Wang, founder, chairman and principal analyst at Constellation Research. “In view of the rapid development of sales and marketing channels, companies find it difficult to create a uniform customer experience with their products across all touchpoints. The result: Commerce Anarchy, which leads to impaired customer and partner relationships as well as brand damage and loss of sales. ”

A recent Forrester study found that 62 percent of retail executives want to replace the current retail solution in their company to better manage product information. P2C management is the only strategy that solves these challenges of today’s retail and supports companies in managing the digital flow of information between products and buyers – from product information to customer feedback.

P2C – The new category for technology solutions

According to Constellation Research’s market survey, the Productsup platform meets more criteria for effective P2C management than any other solution. Productsup offers an all-in-one platform that already enables more than 900 companies to successfully control every aspect of their product information value chain. The platform includes marketplace integrations and social commerce, powerful feed management, performance marketing insights, product content syndication, seller and supplier onboarding, and much more. She carries out robust campaign and performance management as well as ROI management on a strategic level. Productsup processes more than two trillion products per month and thus copes with the increasing complexity of the trade together with the company. In this way, they can tell a consistent story across all relevant channels.

“The constant emergence of new channels and marketplaces has completely changed the way companies reach consumers and sell their products. So it is only natural that a new category of solutions for changing market needs has emerged, ”said Vincent Peters, CEO of Productsup. “Productsup is the only global, strategic and scalable platform that manages the entire value chain between product and consumer across every platform, every channel and every technology. We are proud to be named as a leader in this new category. ”

“It was extremely important for Grundfos to create a central point for data collection”

Thomas Heuchert, Data Distribution and Publication Manager at Productsup customer Grundfos says: “It was extremely important for Grundfos to create a central point of data collection so that our product information can be passed on to our customers. We needed a provider with a clear vision for the future of retail and the technology to make that vision a reality. With the Productsup P2C platform, we deliver our product information to all important trade, sales and business channels. We are now implementing changes quickly and efficiently – and with few technical resources. ”

Zachary A. Martz, Enterprise Project Management Director for another client, Eileen Fisher, says, “Before Productsup became part of our commerce vision, we had a commerce anarchy. With the Productsup P2C platform, however, I have the feeling that I now have 100 percent control over our product information value chains and can implement our strategy holistically. ”

Constellation Research shortlisted ten solutions in the new P2C management category and rated them according to the criteria of consumer reach, retail management and optimization, and product data ecosystem. The ShortList ™ was determined on the basis of customer inquiries, partner discussions, customer references, supplier selection, market shares and internal studies.

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