What Is Deja Vu, Why Does It Happen?

Almost all of us, at least once, have had the feeling: ‘I’ve been through this before.’ Or, ‘It’s like I’ve seen this place before’. We have investigated for you what this feeling known as ‘deja vu’ is and why it happens.

I guess all of us have had a moment in our lives where we say, “I’ve had this moment before,”. This strange and mysterious event that feels so real that you swear you’ve experienced something you know you’ve never experienced before. ‘Already seen’ is called.

According to studies, people 3’te 2’sexperienced this feeling at least once in their lifetime and mostly 15-25 Could dejà vu, which has been found to be seen in people between the ages of 2, be a disease? In this article, we have examined dejà vu for you, including what it is, who it is seen in, and its causes.

What is deja vu?

already seen

in french already (already) and see déjà vu (deja vu), which is formed by the combination of the words meaning (to see), is the name given to the feeling as if you have experienced a situation or event before, seen a place you visited for the first time, or tasted a meal for the first time. Even something as simple as smell can cause you to have dejà vu; You often don’t remember details about what you say “I swear I’ve experienced it before”.

It should also be noted that it doesn’t have to be the first time you do something to experience dejà vu. Let’s say you went out to have fun with your friends and you are dancing at an entertainment venue. This is an activity you can do quite often, right? However, you suddenly felt as if you had danced to the same music before, in the same way, with the same clothes and the same people around you. This may make you pause and question what happened, but there is no need to worry; because right now you are just experiencing a dejà vu. Of course, if this happens very often, the situation changes a little.

Is deja vu a disease?

already seen

At the outset we should point out that no, dejà vu is not a disease or a sign of illness. Epilepsy dejà vu, which can occur in people who have no health problems, although it is sometimes accompanied by seizures in patients; in the functioning of the brain a little anomalyand the occasional occurrence of the feeling in question physical or mental It doesn’t mean you have a problem. However, if this feeling is repeated regularly, it may be an abnormality and a doctor should be examined urgently.

Who gets dejà vu?

already seen

Before; Dejà vu was thought to be relatively common in people with conditions such as schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, and depression. But research has shown that these disorders and déjà vu have no interest in showed.

In adult individuals stress, fatigue and so on Dejà vu, which can be caused by various causes, is mostly seen in ‘epilepsy’ patients. Dejà vu, which occurs before the seizure, when conscious, can cause the person to have more severe attacks. For this reason, if déjà vu is experienced very frequently, especially during childhood and adolescence, a doctor should be consulted and it should be understood whether epilepsy is present.

What causes deja vu?

brain movie

For the first time in 1876, French Physicist Emile Boiraç the concept of ‘dejà vu’ used by; In the scientific literature, in 1928, Edward Titchener‘in ‘A Psychology Bookdescribed in his work. Dr. According to Titchener, the brain creates a partial perception before producing a definite perception about the experience, and this partial perception causes the feeling of dejà vu.

According to another explanation, right lobe and left lobe It works with a time difference of less than a millisecond, and as a result, since one party perceives an event earlier, the party who perceives it later will experience the event earlier. In other words, this event a small deviation in nerve axonsoriginates from.

According to the findings obtained in the researches, déjà vu can be experienced just before the temporal lobe crises. This proximity strengthens the conclusion that electrical currents that will create anomaly at the neurological level cause déjà vu. Also, deja vu Alzheimer It is also suggested that it may be useful in the early diagnosis of the disease. However, this theory has not yet gained any accuracy.


Dejà vu is a difficult subject for researchers to work on; because ‘I’m coming!’ without warning, it happens suddenly and passes in such a short time. Therefore, although the majority agree that it has something to do with memory, there is no definitive explanation for this condition, which is especially common in young adults.

However, most likely MatrixOf course, there are a few acceptable theories as to why dejà vu, which is much more than a minor mistake in .

'Matrix' deja vu scene

Here are the possible causes of deja vu:

  • divided perception
  • Minor circuit malfunctions in the brain
  • The way we remember a memory
  • Other reasons

divided perception

  same photo inside photo

divided perception according to his theory; Seeing something twice causes dejà vu.

You may not have noticed something when you first saw it because you were distracted, or you may have only seen it out of the corner of your eye; however, your brain still perceives that thing and creates a memory of it. So actually much more than you realize you will see. So if something, such as a specific sight, didn’t really catch your interest the first time, you might believe you’re seeing it for the first time.

However, when you see this scene for the second time, which you do not remember the first time, you experience dejà vu as if you remember seeing something you have not seen before.

In other words; When an experience first enters your perception, it sounds like two different events because you don’t give your full attention, but it is actually an ongoing perception of the same event. Yes, we know, it may sound a little confusing; but that’s what it’s all about.

Minor circuit malfunctions in the brain

brain movie

According to another theory, your brainwhen you make a mistake‘ this causes an electrical malfunction similar to an epileptic seizure, which leads to dejà vu.

To put it another way; your brain this moment and history control parts when working at the same time the brain fails and you get dejà vu.

In such cases, your brain perceives an event that is happening now as a ‘memory’ and you get the feeling that you have experienced that moment before. This type of brain error does not pose any danger unless it is repeated regularly.

Some experts argue that another type of brain malfunction can cause déjà vu.

a broken clock

When the brain perceives information, this information is usually from the short-term repository, long-term memory storage follows a stretching path. According to the theory we mentioned, in some cases, short-term memories turn into long-term memories. shortcut crosses a road. When this happens, you may perceive an event that actually happened minutes ago as if it happened a long time ago.

Another theory is to delayed detection It offers an explanation of what might be causing it.

What you observe; from your senses to your brain two separate ways transmitted through; but one of these ways is better than the other faster it’s working. This small delay, which seems extremely insignificant considering the measured time; our brain one event, two different experiences causes it to be perceived as

The way we remember a memory

A man who has trouble remembering

According to many researchers, dejà vu has something to do with the way we process and recall memories. Colorado State University psychology professor and a degTo vu researcher the one which Anne Cleary A study conducted by A.D. obtained results that support this theory.

According to research, dejà vu; It may be a reaction given that an event we have just experienced resembles something we have experienced before but cannot remember. So even if you can’t remember that memory, your brain is aware that it has been in a similar situation before.

This subconscious process causes us to feel a sense of closeness and similarity that we cannot explain. If you could recall the memory, you would make the connection between the two and you probably wouldn’t have dejà vu. According to Cleary, this often happens when something we can’t remember bears a strong resemblance to a certain scene, such as the interior of a building or a landscape.

One eye and watches

Cleary used this information, which he obtained as a result of his research, in 2018. premonition attached to dejà vu He also used it in another research related to the idea.

It’s very likely that after experiencing dejà vu, you thought you knew what would happen next; however, according to Cleary’s research, that is not possible, even if you are confident that you can predict what will happen next.

Let’s take a look at the situation Gestalt theoryLet’s look at an example from: The first day of your new job. When you enter your office, everything looks so familiar that you are surprised by the sudden feeling that you have been there before.

If you have been in a place with a similar layout and furniture arrangement before, it is very likely that what you are experiencing is dejà vu. Since you have been in a similar place before and cannot remember that moment, you feel as if you have seen your new office for the first time in your life.

Other reasons

image of a mystical deja vu

There are a few more unscientific explanations made to make sense of dejà vu.

One of these explanations, and the most widely accepted, is that déjà vu may be related to a psychic experience that has no scientific explanation, such as remembering something you had in a previous life or dream. Being open-minded isn’t necessarily a bad thing either; however, since there is no supporting evidence, this idea cannot go beyond belief.

Long story short, dejà vu, a strange phenomenon that science has yet to fully explain, does not pose a threat to your health unless it recurs too often, but still remains a mystery. Who knows, maybe it’s really just a bug in the Matrix.