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As a new study by Seven Senders, a provider of a delivery platform for parcel shipping, shows, it differs from country to country whether customers send a perfect shopping experience or feel frustrated. Among other things, the importance of delivery costs and sustainable delivery was examined. The study gives an overview of how online retailers can offer their customers a perfect shopping experience.

Seven Senders surveyed a total of 8,602 online shoppers in Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Switzerland in cooperation with the market research institute YouGov. From the selection criteria when looking for an online shop to the relevant information on the shipment process to the ideal returns process – the questions asked took into account all steps of the ordering process.

Delivery costs: The differences are in the details

The study participants were asked about the decisive criteria for choosing the online shop. The front runners here are delivery costs, which more than 55 percent of those surveyed cite on a national average. This does not mean that shipping costs are generally rejected. It becomes clear, however, that the end customers have very different ideas depending on the target country. This is important information for online retailers. Because only who knows where the online buyers are Delivery costs refuse in principle or where and under what criteria such as the order value they accept this, can set its prices and delivery conditions accordingly.

The study also shows that sustainability is an important issue for e-commerce customers. But what exactly is meant by sustainable delivery varies from country to country. Seven Senders therefore supports its customers in various ways in making the last mile more sustainable. The delivery platform works with sustainable carriers and offers a product for offsetting CO2 emissions.

Swiss buy on account, Germans prefer online payment providers

Based on the study, online retailers also get an overview of where in Europe they have to offer which payment method in order to make the customers there the usual Ordering convenience to offer – this is the only way they can ultimately assert themselves in the respective market. For example, the Swiss prefer to buy on account, while their German and Italian neighbors prefer online payment providers.

A look at the whitepaper is also worthwhile for every e-commerce provider who wants to know how important fast delivery is to customers for orders in other European countries. Knowing that an online shop does not have a branch in Germany, a total of 87 percent of the study participants accept a longer delivery time. When looking at the individual countries in terms of delivery times, very different expectations become apparent – for example, almost a third of the Swiss can even imagine a delivery time of up to six days, but this is an exception.

Delivery costs: Collecting returns is not important to Germans

In addition, this presents Whitepaper from Seven Senders detailed insights into who customers want information about parcel shipping from. It also explains in detail why proactive customer communication is a must in the UK and that customers in Italy and France only want certain information. In addition, the whitepaper also provides information on what is under convenient returns processing understood – including the realization that in a European comparison, Germans value the collection of returns at home or in the office the least.

“With the study results summarized in the whitepaper, we provide important insights into country-specific differences that help online retailers to create an optimal delivery experience for their end customers. We want to support them in a targeted manner in their expansion and in opening up new markets, ”explains Thomas Hagemann, founder and co-CEO of Seven senders. Seven Senders offers a carrier network that consists of 100 parcel delivery companies and thus supports local shipping with tracking and returns services.