What is Steam Guard? What Does It Do?

Users who want to log in to the Steam digital game platform cannot log in to their accounts due to the Steam Guard screen, although they use a correct password and user. This is not a problem, but rather an important security measure. Let’s take a closer look at the answers to questions such as what is Steam Guard and what is it for.

Developed by Valve Corporation, the Steam digital game platform has been a favorite of gamers for many years. After you become a free member of the platform, you can access the game you want by paying the game fee. But especially recently when users are logging into their accounts. Encountering the Steam Guard screen and when they did not enter the desired code here, they began to be unable to access their accounts.

Do not worry, Steam Guard is not a problem on the contrary, it is a security measure that protects your Steam account. The two-factor authentication system offered on many social media platforms and websites is on Steam. Steam Guard has been named. We answered all the questions such as what is this system, how does it work, and what is the use, which we consider as surprising for those who encounter it for the first time.

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What is Steam Guard?

Steam Guard, Used by the platform to secure your Steam account It is the name of the two-factor authentication system. After logging in with your Steam username and password, you are prompted to enter the code sent to your e-mail address registered in the system or to the Steam mobile application in the relevant section on the Steam Guard screen. Unless this code is entered, your account cannot be logged in.

Steam Guard has actually been brought by Steam for a long time. It is an expected security system. Even our social media accounts, which would not cause any financial loss if stolen, were protected by the two-factor authentication system, and it was extremely disturbing that the Steam account, which contains a ton of financial data, was not protected.

What does Steam Guard do?

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Steam Guard, as it’s called, is a system that protects your Steam account. Third-party parties trying to steal your Steam account even if they know all your account information Since Steam Guard gives a new code on every login, no one will know this code except you. As with many social media platforms and websites, Steam Guard aims to increase the security of your Steam account.

The Steam Guard authentication system is a security system assigned to all users by Steam by default. No matter how uniquely information such as username and password is chosen, it is possible to obtain information in some way. However, changing and only the owner of the e-mail or a code that can be seen by the owner of the device on which the Steam mobile application is installed will provide a high level of security protection to your Steam account.

How does Steam Guard work?

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You do not need to take any action to activate the Steam Guard authentication system, which aims to protect your Steam account. After verifying your e-mail address registered to your account and after logging in twice on the same device, the Steam Guard authentication system will be activated automatically.

The working principle of the system is quite simple. your Steam account before when you want to log in from a foreign device that you are not logged into A code is sent to your e-mail address registered in the system or to the Steam mobile application on your smartphone. By typing this code you are logging into your account. You will not be prompted for a new code unless you sign out of this account.

How to manage the Steam Guard system?

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After logging into your Steam account Account Details found on the page Account Security under the heading Manage Steam Guard Click . Here you can get your codes Via the Steam mobile app? or you can choose whether you prefer to receive via your e-mail address.

Steam Guard authentication system on the same page You can also turn off However, it is strongly not recommended to do this. Because as you know, this is the internet world, nobody can be trusted. The more steps it takes to authenticate, the safer your account security will be.

Despite the Steam Guard authentication system, your account has somehow been hacked. if you suspect someone else is logged in or if you signed in to your Steam account on a shared computer and forgot to sign out Manage Steam Guard at the bottom of the page Deauthorize All Other Devices With the option, you can prevent unwanted people from using your account.

Advantages of using Steam Guard:

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Think about what information is stored in your Steam account and the total monetary value of your games. Even though sometimes we don’t have that much valuable stuff in our house we lock our door twice, Why not add a few extra security essentials to our Steam account?

Without entering the code requested by the Steam Guard screen, which appears after logging in with your Steam information, No one can log into your account, not even you. If you have logged into your e-mail account from common devices and you are not sure about its security, choose the option to receive a code via the Steam mobile application. This option is considered much more secure as it is based on giving code to a single application on a single device.

When you choose to receive codes via the Steam mobile application, only the Steam mobile application installed on your smartphone, A code that only you can see will be sent. Unless you are hijacked, only you can see the code sent to this phone, so it will be a safer method than even the code sent to the e-mail address.

Possible Steam Guard issues and solutions:

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Some users using the Steam Guard authentication system complain that the required code is not sent to their email address. Make sure you are using the correct email address at this point and confirm your e-mail address be sure. The email that the code was sent to may have ended up in the spam folder instead of your inbox. If the problem persists, you can contact Steam.

Under normal circumstances, Steam Guard will only update your Steam account on a new device. When you want to log in, it asks for a code. If the code is requested again when logging in on a device you have previously logged in, make sure that the internet browser saves cookies. A browser with a high security level will not save cookies, so that device will be seen as a stranger when you log out.

Authentication system that asks you for a security code after logging in with your Steam account information What is Steam Guard, what does it do, how does it work We answered the frequently asked questions and explained the important points you need to know about this system. For more detailed information on the subject, you can visit the Steam Support page or contact the platform and ask for the details you are curious about.