What is the Overview Effect that Changes Our Perspective from the Root?


Astronauts believe that the overall effect, which is based on seeing the Earth from orbit, will radically change life and our perspective. So what is the effect of this overview and can we make this experience live on earth? Let's look for answers to these questions together.

The general effect was first introduced in 1987 in Frank White's book of the same name. The overview is said to help address environmental concerns and resolve conflicts between divided communities. At this point the BBC and Rewind offer a virtual reality journey through space with VR technology called Home. It is said that those who experience this effect can look at the world from a wider perspective.

Michael Collins, Apollo 11's command module pilot, said in an interview in 2009 Orum I believe that if political leaders can see their planets from 160,000 km away, their perspectives can change fundamentally ” descriptions. The BBC and Rewind have explanations about this experience.

Going into space with the VR experience reshapes our entire perspective:

Overview Impact

Someone with experience, Dü It was my first space walk. I grabbed the edge of the International Space Station and looked at the Earth beneath. It was breathtaking and beautiful. I felt a great sense of connection and started to cry. This was not a real journey into space; on the contrary, it was the virtual reality journey into the space created by the VR studio Rewind and the BBC. said.

According to the statements, a total of 565 people have seen the Earth in orbit, and each of them reported that they felt intense emotions when they experienced this feeling. This effect, known as the overview effect, is described by astronauts as a cognitive change, a life-changing experience, and leads to a deep connection with the world.

Thanks to the overall effect, our connection with the world is increasing:

Moon and Earth

Although it is difficult to explain how amazing and magical this experience is, these words can help a little bit in making sense of the issue.: Gezegen Above all, the planet itself has beauty and diversity. You can turn your gaze to see what appears at a smooth, glorious pace. ”

According to Katerina Stepanova, who specializes in the use of VR, the overall effect makes us feel more connected with the world. Many believe that this change in perspective may be key to addressing many global challenges. People who experience this experience realize how insignificant they are when they see the incredible size of the universe and the stars.

Different methods are used to fully experience the experience:

Overview Effect VR

Stepanova continues to work for the development and operation of VR experiences that create the same sentiment as the overview. At this point, Sol Rogers, CEO and founder of Rewind, said that they are conducting a lot of research, including the effects and experiences of astronauts at the International Space Station and the overall effect. In addition to creating stunning visuals, Rewind focuses on copying sensory experiences.

Wanting to experience an experience similar to being in space, Rogers has integrated Bluetooth heart rate monitors into the experience, which recreates the sound of the heartbeat. This system makes everything that users hear, their bodies and clothing the voice of the life support system.


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Researchers say that anyone who lives and experiences this connection with knowledge becomes inseparable and can no longer act in contradiction with this worldview.