What is the SAR Value on the phones? How to Learn?

Each mobile device emits a certain amount of radiation around it, and this emission is expressed in SAR value. What exactly does the SAR value mean? How can this value be learned? What is the correct SAR value?

All mobile devices that can be used with a GSM line emit a certain amount of radiation to their environment. The rate of radiation emitted by mobile devices operating via radio frequency increases with technology. However, each mobile device emits a different rate of radioactive material, and this rate It is indicated by the SAR value.

SAR value, Now it is a ratio to pay attention to the camera of a smartphone as much as the RAM value. Because we need to know how much damage our smartphones, which are with us almost at all times, do us. SAR value It can be determined by different countries at different rates. For you What is the SAR value, What is the ideal ratio and how to learn it?

What is the SAR value?

sar value

Specific Absorption Rate, abbreviated as SAR, is the specific absorption rate of mobile devices operating with radio frequencies. the radiation to which the user is exposed It refers to the rate of absorption by the user. While talking on the phone or while the phone is in your pocket or bag, the radiation rate you are exposed to will vary.

The SAR value disclosed to the user indicates the rate of radiation that the mobile device emits when operating at maximum power. Most of the time, mobile devices do not operate at maximum power. Distance between base station and telephone The farther it is, the more intense the phone will operate and the higher the radiation rate it emits.

How is SAR measured?

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You cannot measure the SAR value, which indicates the radiation rate emitted by mobile devices, with your own means. On this topic around the world some reliable organizations there is. The SAR values ​​offered by them are accepted by the whole world.

One of the organizations measuring SAR value is the United States Government Federal Communications Commission, shortly FCC, another is the Canadian Government Industry Organization, and another is the Council of the European Union. All organizations with a similar method They determine the SAR value.

At the same absorption level as the human head and body absorption level and inside the same fluids as in the human A model found is exposed to radiation emitted by the phone for a long time. The grid-like object inside this model measures the radiation rate to which the model is exposed. The data obtained shows the highest SAR value absorbed by this model.

What is the ideal SAR value for smartphones?

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In this respect on two different rates evaluation is being done. According to the Federal Communications Commission of the United States Government ideal SAR value 1.60 W / kg determined as. The Council of the European Union has determined this rate as 2.0 W / kg.

The point to be considered here; FCC SAR value 1 gram of radiation absorbed by human tissue The European Council measures SAR as the level of radiation absorbed by 10 grams of human tissue. Even so no phone is higher than these rates can not be presented to the user.

Another point to note is that these SAR values the level of radiation the phone emits when operating at maximum power is that. So, even if your smartphone has a high SAR value, it does not always emit that rate of radiation. Of course, this does not reduce the risk.

How to find out the SAR value of the phone?

  • Step # 1: From here Open the GSMArena website.
  • Step # 2: Search for the brand and model of the phone you want to find out about the SAR value in the search box.
  • Step # 3: The phone’s properties page will open.
  • Step # 4: Find the MISC section in the properties table.
  • Step # 5: You will see the lines for SAR and SAR EU.
  • Step # 6: You will see the phone’s SAR values ​​set by the FCC and EU.

sar value

The SAR line shows the SAR value determined by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States Government, and the SAR EU indicates the SAR value determined by the Council of the European Union. Head, that the device spreads to your head area While the body shows the radiation rate, the body shows the radiation rate that the device emits to your body.

You can find out the SAR value of the device by dialing the number * # 07 # from the settings section of your phone, from the user manual included in the phone box or from the search section. if see a more detailed report and if you want to see the SAR value of different phone brands and models FCC official website you can visit.

High SAR value in 24 hours side effects:

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  • Battery dysfunction in people using pacemakers
  • Immune system disorders
  • Headache and feeling dizzy
  • Damage to be seen in blood cells
  • Temporary and permanent impairments in hearing
  • Increased risk of miscarriage in pregnant women
  • Sensation of warmth in the ears and ringing at different rates
  • Damage to the embryo during the growth phase
  • Distraction and concentration impairment
  • Persistent feeling of tiredness and endless stress
  • Poor memory and increased risk of brain tumors
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Visual impairment and narrowed field of vision

These ailments are especially common in people who talk on the phone for a long time. The SAR value of your phone has been determined by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States Government and the Council of the European Union. if above ceiling rate These ailments can begin even in the first 24 hours. In case of long-term exposure, the effects increase even more.

Long term side effects with high SAR value:

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  • Intense damage to the blood-brain barrier
  • Skin cancer at different stages
  • In different stages lymphoma white blood cell cancer called
  • Dangerously low sperm count
  • Dangerous deterioration in genetic structure
  • Chronic hypertension

The aforementioned ailments are common in people who have been exposed to high SAR values ​​for long-term periods such as 10 years. But nowadays, we can consider this period less. Because due to increased phone usage You are exposed to the radiation emitted not only by your own phone but also by the phones close to you, at a certain rate and continuously.

Ways of protection from phone radiation:

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The first and most important point to be considered in this regard is to restrict the use of the phone. Especially, the use of phones by children should be restricted. Because the announced SAR values ​​and effects cover adults. Emitted radiation rates on children exactly what effect they are not known, but it is thought that they will be affected much more than an adult exposed.

Metal fillings in teeth, glasses made of conductive material, earrings, piercings at different parts of the body can increase the absorption of the emitted radiation. Even if you are not using these accessories to reduce the risk While talking on the phone, take it on the loudspeaker or use a headset. At the moment, a risk posed by Bluetooth ears has not been identified.

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Some phone cases are sold that are said to reduce the radiation rate that phones emit to their users. In this respect There is no proven finding yet. Another important method of protection is to stay away from phones when you are not using them. Especially while you are sleeping at night, you should definitely put your phone away, at least you can stay away from this effect during your sleep.

We have answered questions such as what is the SAR value for you, how is it measured, what are the effects. At least from our phones, which are an integral part of us when we are not using Keeping a distance and using headphones while talking on the phone will be the best moves for our health.