What is the SCP Foundation, What Characters Are Included?


Have you ever thought that the life we ​​live can be much more complex than we see? If you’ve thought about it, the SCP Foundation is for you. Let’s take a closer look at what the SCP Foundation is, a fictional body tasked with investigating anomalies and protecting dangerous assets.

Do you like science fiction and fantasy works? Well, have you ever thought that there is actually much more to the world we live in than meets the eye? If your answers are yes, then the SCP Foundation is for you. The SCP Foundation has been examining anomalies in the world for years. and they secure, preserve and protect the objects they encounter in these anomalies.

Exciting to read Is the SCP Foundation real? If you’re asking, of course not. This foundation, which has been operating for years, tells completely imaginary stories and assets. However, it has such a large audience in many different parts of the world that it seems to have a strong place in popular culture. Bride What is the SCP FoundationLet’s take a closer look at what it does, which object classes are included in the foundation’s archive.

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What is the SCP Foundation?

SCP Foundation, which stands for Secure, Contain, Protect and is named after the first letters of these words. The SCP Foundation was founded in 2008. The purpose of the foundation is to examine the anomalies that occur in the world and to secure, preserve and protect the assets and objects involved in these anomalies. The SCP Foundation is of course not a real organization. Stories on the Foundation’s website, created by members of the foundation or fictional narratives translated from foreign languages. Likewise, the images shown in the archive are completely fictitious. However, thanks to the work of the SCP Foundation over the years, it is possible to say that they have established their own universe.

To become a member of the SCP Foundation, you must be over the age of 15. Stories created by authors like Wikipedia editable by all other authors. The foundation insists that they do not offer a role-playing game. Anomalies and objects are called SCPs.

Objects and anomalies in the stories created by the authors are named SCP – number. There are different series of these stories. Not a few stories here, We are talking about thousands. In other words, if you want to enter the anomaly universe of the SCP Foundation, there is a large archive that you can read for a long time. To the SCP Foundation website from here you can reach

SCP object classes:

  • safe class
  • Euclidean class
  • Keter class
  • Thaumiel class
  • Neutralized class
  • Annotated class
  • Esoteric/narrative classes
  • declassified

scp foundation

Safe class: No special effort to hide

Anomalies rated safe by the SCP Foundation, requiring no special effort to hide and no longer threatening denotes objects. No more dealing with the object that is classified as safe.

Euclidean class: Those that need a lot of resources to hide

Storing Euclidean objects requires a lot of resources and is not secure. Anomalies evaluated in this class is unpredictable. Many objects that cannot be fully classified are considered within the Euclidean class.

Keter class: Difficult and costly to store

Objects considered by the SCP Foundation to be within the keter class are not necessarily dangerous. However, keter class anomalies It is very difficult and costly to store. In general, little is known about objects in this class. Therefore, it is very difficult to hide.

Thaumiel class: The class of the most secret

The Thaumiel class is the one where the foundation hides the most hidden objects. Information for this class known only to the foundation’s highest level group, the O5 Council. Even the existence of objects in the Thaumiel class is hidden from other members.

Neutralized class: Those who can no longer pose a threat

intentionally or accidentally by the SCP Foundation. objects removed It is included in the neutralized class. Anomalies in this class no longer have the potential to re-emerge and pose a threat.

Class as revealed: What science can explain

Objects included in the declared class are recognized by today’s scientific world. clarified old anomalies. Objects included in this class are no longer in the SCP Foundation’s workspace.

Esoteric/narrative classes: those that do not fit into the classification type

Esoteric/narrative classes exist in the stories posted on the SCP Foundation website, but not other not fit any type of classification are objects. Mentioning objects belonging to the esoteric/narrative classes will get you minus points in the foundation.

Declassified: Displayed on the wall of shame

No stories are deleted on the SCP Foundation website. However, some stories are rated as declassified by senior members and displayed on a wall of shame. It is no longer a valid application, it has been removed.

Some SCP Foundation assets:

scp foundation

  • SCP-173: It is in the Euclidean class, direct eye contact is not established, millions of people will die if it escapes.
  • SCP-096: He is in the Euclidean class, has arms that are 1.5 meters long, he will go crazy if you see his face.
  • SCP-049: Euclidean, similar to the medieval plague doctor, kills what he touches, calms with lavender.
  • SCP-1471: MalO is a mobile application called ver1.0.0, it sends photos constantly, it is necessary to delete the photos to get rid of the effect.
  • SCP-999: It is a peanut-butter-like creature weighing 54 kilograms, emitting pleasant scents.
  • SCP-087: It is a ladder to infinity.
  • SCP-108: It’s a Nazi bunker, entered through a woman’s nose.
  • SCP-294: It is a coffee machine that can produce anything liquid.
  • SCP-426: It is a toaster addressed in the first person only.
  • SCP-1171: It is a house with misted windows.
  • SCP-1609: It is a haystack that attacks those who wear uniforms.
  • SCP-3008: It is an IKEA store without borders.

fictional objects that protect the mysterious objects of the world we live in What is the SCP Foundation, is it real, what entities does it deal with? We answered the curious questions such as and talked about what you need to know about this universe. You can get more detailed information by visiting the foundation’s website.