What is the Speed ​​of Intel's New Tiger Lake-U Series?


In the summer, Intel released two series of 10th generation processors, et Comet Lake ’and‘ Ice Lake.. The most popular of these processors was Lake Ice Lake için because it is based on 10 nm technology and has a brand new graphics core. The company's new Tiger Lake-U series features have emerged. Let's take a closer look at these.

Chip giant Intel in 2020 Tiger lake will release a series of 10 nm mobile processors. Tiger Lake will use Intel's optimized 10 nm architecture.

Processors' performance criteria were shared by the technology platform WCCFTech. New generation processors, second stage engineering ES2 will be the result of the design process.

Processor performances:


28W configuration of the new Tiger Lake-U processor in a single core 4.3 GHz and in all cores 4.0 GHz It is said to have an increased speed. The features of the 15 W version of this processor are unknown.

However, the Tiger Lake-U was compared to an Ice Lake processor with a 15 W TDP. According to SPECspeed Tiger Lake-U 15W's Compared with Ice Lake Between 15 and 18% seen to be better. The CPU, configured with 28 W, increased by up to 30%.

It differs:


Of course, it is very difficult to say something in terms of processors. We're just talking about tests performed by processor performance organizations. RAM, graphics card, motherboard or even cooler can affect this performance. The best test will be the tests in the case of the processors.

Intel failed to show its performance on the graphics card:

intel amd

The DG1 GPU, which will be launched in the first phase, will be only 23% faster than the integrated graphics unit on the Tiger Lake processors. With a very low TDP of 25 W, we can see some hints on its performance.


Intel is in a very difficult position in competition with AMD

Rumors are spreading about whether Raja Koduri, who was transferred to Intel, will remain in the company if he fails. The only thing we know for certain is that Intel is struggling with new technologies. Time will tell who will win this race with AMD.