What Should Be Considered When Buying a Domain?


One of the most important steps you will take to create the corporate identity of your brand is to get the right domain for your website, namely ‘domain name’. We have compiled important recommendations that can be in your ear to get a domain that is memorable, contributes to your corporate identity and will make you stand out in search engines.

Nowadays, all industries need to be present in the online world as well. The most original and most important online presence you can use with social media accounts is a website with standards. For the website choosing a domain name, The first and most effective step towards branding. Because a correct domain By selecting, you can ensure that your brand’s corporate identity can be seen by everyone in the online world.

There are many different domain name sales companies or domain registrars. These companies, in general, for 1 year you have chosen They rent the domain address. But domain There are many points you need to pay attention to while buying. There are many important features that your domain name should carry, especially to stand out in search engines. We have explained the recommendations you should not forget when buying domains for you.


Before we start: How to query a domain?

  • Step # 1: Go to,
  • Step # 2: Type the domain name you want to get on the domain query line and search,
  • Step # 3: See the status of your domain name in the result list,
    • If the domain name you want is taken, consider other options or suitable extensions in mind.

After you determine the domain you will choose for your brand or business, whether your domain has been previously acquired by someone else. you need to check. You can see if the domain you want belongs to any of them with the domain query process that you can do using websites such as

Domain query To do the process, you need to write the domain idea you determined in the ‘Domain Search’ tool. For example, if you search for a domain name for a popular domain like “”, you will see the domain name taken. If you see the domain being acquired in the ‘Domain Search’ tool results, your best bet is to look for an alternative name.

Things to consider when buying a domain name:

  • Beware of hidden charges.
  • Protect the privacy of your data.
  • Don’t be surprised by the .com extension.
  • Get a pinpoint domain.
  • Keep your domain name short.
  • Make it easy to read and write.
  • Choose a brandable name.
  • Avoid punctuation and numbers.
  • Pay attention to the letters that are next to each other.
  • Consider your future while buying a domain.
  • Do not buy domains from research.
  • Be quick.

Watch out for hidden charges:


Many companies that sell domain names first give domain addresses at extremely affordable prices. But you need to read the terms of service well. In general, when you want to renew the contract after 1 year, you may encounter high prices. Likewise, you may be purchasing a full service package, not just a domain.

There are different services such as web design support and during each renewal a package whose price will increase you may be buying. Similarly, you should make sure that you do not pay extra for the services you will receive at different privacy points. All these important points will be written in terms of service. It is useful to read carefully.

Protect the privacy of your data:

data privacy

Do not buy domains from every company you come across. Because many companies that sell domain names at affordable prices with big campaigns later bought from you sells data to third parties is known. If your domain information is publicly saved in WHOIS and RDAP directories, it is recommended that you hide your personal data. You can see all the information about the subject under the heading of service and security conditions that you approved while buying domain

Don’t be surprised by the .com extension:


If you have purchased a domain or researched the subject before, you have seen dozens of different extensions. Some of them, even if they are quite fun, will not be suitable for your corporate identity. Think about how much you can trust an extension like .xyz as a user. Different extensions although it is affordable Do not be surprised by the .com domain extension, which is the oldest and most reliable extension of the internet world.

Get a pinpoint domain:


Your domain name informs search engines about the content of your website. For this reason, choosing a pinpoint keyword is extremely important for your website’s SEO compatibility. A website that fully reflects your content theme, with a pinpoint keyword domain name, when searching with the relevant keyword it will rank higher than its alternatives.

Keep your domain name short:

domain name

One of the most important points to consider when buying a domain is the length of the domain name. Maybe for search engines clearer A long domain name can be difficult to remember for your site visitors. For this reason, it is suggested that the domain name should have a maximum of 15 characters. A short domain name would be the best choice for it to be remembered, pleasing to the eye, reliable and prevent typos.

Make it easy to read and write:

domain extension

The domain you will buy will reflect you as a result. For this reason, it is extremely important that it can be understood by everyone. People should have no trouble talking or writing about the site. Especially if you are considering an e-mail service through your domain name, the domain name is easy to read, write briefly easy to understand is extremely important.

Choose a brandable name:

domain marka

The domain you buy must be unique, branded and corporate identity can be created on it. Whatever the content you present on your website or the institution it represents, you should choose a domain name that will make an unforgettable impact on people instead of a few simple words. When making a choice in this matter to be inspired by famous brands You can visit their website for.

Avoid punctuation and numbers:


In order that people who visit your website do not feel like they are visiting illegal movie and TV series sites dash or no digit You should choose domain addresses. Domain names with punctuation marks or numbers, if they do not belong to a well-established brand, will generally create a feeling of insecurity in people and cause many spelling mistakes during use.

Pay attention to the letters that are next to each other:

domain name extension

If your domain name consists of a single word, you cannot make changes on this word, but be careful if the domain name consists of two or more words. The vowels and consonants coming side by side and especially the same letters that come side by side will cause spelling and reading errors. Briefly your domain address pleasing to both the eye and the ear, It should have a name that does not tire visitors.

Consider your future when buying a domain:


The domain name you will purchase should reflect the content of your site exactly, but you do not know what will happen in the future and whether the business will expand further. For this reason, instead of a domain focused on a single specific subject, under the same domain name in the future Choose a domain that has a chance to reflect the work you can create. Thus, instead of publishing your work on sites with different domain names, you can get a corporate identity on a single website.

Do not buy domains from research:


Perhaps the most important thing to consider before buying a domain name is to do research on your domain name. You may think you’ve found a unique name but maybe in a different city, it could be the name of a local shop. For this reason, you should do a trademark and social media review of your domain name. You should be extremely careful as such confusion can even cause legal problems.

Be quick:


Just as we see that the usernames in our dreams are in the hands of others on social media, we can see that the domain names in our dreams are also taken by others. For this reason, you should be quick about the domain names you will get, especially for work on current issues. Even Basic domain names consisting of your first and last name by purchasing it now, you can lay the foundations for your future online work.

Buying a domain, in the online world branding and creating a corporate identity It is one of the most important steps you will take for With the above recommendations in mind, check out the companies that sell domain names and get your dream domain name securely without anyone else grabbing it.