What was. What will. Of good life in factual quarantine.

As always, the Hal Faber newsreel would like to sharpen the eye for the details: The Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a backward and a forward look.

*** We're fine. We have always sat in front of the screen, nothing has changed. Now we just sit in front of it and read about it in the newspapers that reduced their payment barriers in the corona crisis Sloppy thinking of the 68s and the upcoming precautionary state, which must be built "after Corona" as a new European state. At least that's what Joschka Fischer, the old jogger, thinks. After all: "DieFrageist: Waskommtdanach" has what it takes to have a hashtag. Because what comes in a harder form than a pandemic is climate change. It is not enough with the 1.50 meters social distance. With his book "Welcome to the 21st Century" Fischer points to Germany's responsibility for Europe's departure and leaves no doubt that digital sovereignty is a central question. "Our virtual life will get a very strong dominance. The question is: Who controls us, who has our data? China or the USA or ourselves, Europe? This is not a question of technology, but the central question of freedom in the 21st century . "

The googly eyed machines by Boris Artzybasheff.

*** We're fine, we can stay at homewhile the others have to go out to work and others should go in to work to this our country where the dignity of asparagus is inviolable. Rescuing them is the job of 40,000 people who are flown in and have to live in "factual quarantine with simultaneous job opportunities". To save other vegetables, 10,000 domestic people are packed in April and May who have nothing to do in the home office and who are not doing very well. They come "from the great potential of groups of people" with poor work-life balance. "Unemployed, students, asylum seekers, short-time workers", lists the press release of the Ministry of the Interior and speaks of a good solution in this quick decision. We are still waiting for the eloquent European solution for refugees that little bit of reason does not want to adjust.

*** Our life in Corona times is directed by R0. This is the basic reproduction number of the virus, which indicates how many people are infected by an infected person. So that something improves here, tracking apps are developed everywhere that can analyze the contacts of a smartphone owner. Some apps do more, others less data protection, some for voluntary use, others for collecting data behind the back of smartphone users. Israel's intelligence agency Shin Bet gets the data directly from the mobile operators, which is what experts say makes little sense hold. Then only faith will help if the two chief rabbis of Israel appealed to the ultra-orthodox: "Leave your cell phones on Shabbat!" headlines the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung behind its paywall on the situation in Israel.

*** There was a lot of praise for the TraceTogether mentioned in the last weekly news, which was developed in Singapore. The app primarily tracked whether the rules for quarantine were observed. You should also inform about infections, but now it shows that an app alone is not enough: Singapore is also in the lockdown because it unknown chains of infection that are not captured by an app. The next approach, of course, comes from Google and bet full of big data. The data for Germany are at the federal state level broken down.

*** The debate over whether there is anything like that anonymized information flows who can help in the current situation is just beginning. There are voices of privacy advocates who are dramatic in front of one Corona trap warn while IT professionals options see balancing health and privacy. Others see it Not, because the smartphones communicate via a variety of channels, some of which can lead to privacy.

*** Then there are completely different voices, such as those of the financial world. There will be a data octopus like Palantir for its unselfish deals praised and raved about the future after Corona instead of preemptive policing about preemptive pandemic control. The futurologists joined in in 2002 the new plague busy and laconically stated "Leading indicators: none". It was no different with the old plague, how Plague on the air shows.

*** But let's stay with Palantir and the forward-looking police work. Far from the Corona News, Holger Münch, the head of the Federal Criminal Police Office, has recently spoken out and made it clear that the Hanau assassin is one in the opinion of the investigators Right-wing extremist was. One who is on one Shooting training in Slovakia participated and certainly also in a similar one Training in Güstrow would have been interested. So we are looking forward to the full BKA final report after the first incorrect reports about the report. Finally, it is important to clarify why the Palantir super tool Hessendata did not find the "manifesto" of the later murderer during the analysis. One explanation would be that Hessendata is currently not working in real operation at all.

The "angry social realist" Bill Withers has died. Be Lean on me will remain with us, as well Song of the lack of sunshine and his song about the summer nights in Harlem. Music is needed, especially before Easter, when you stay inside got to. Yes, yesterday everything was different. But even today one can family have fun and don't have to play Scrabble all the time.

Suddenly the deceleration is there. "My world is very limited in space and time to the immediate vicinity: I can't go far and I can't plan far into the future. I call this a radical reduction in the range of the world. And then you open up again in a mode that I describe as resonance mode, namely: hearing, perceiving and answering without wanting to do anything in particular, without having to optimize ", the sociologist describes it Hartmut Rosa. May it happen. Not everyone sees it that way. Explained in a cheerful interview psychoanalyst the murmur of primal fears and origins for big nonsense. His look into the future is a look at the time when HIV raged, "safer sex" was propagated and the gay movement became the "avant-garde of a reasonable prevention awareness" and then became civilized.

Also a kind of virus illustration: one of the first German covers by H. G. Wells "Zeitmaschine".

"This in turn has promoted a homosexualization of the gay movement, which has meanwhile made the demand 'marriage for all' a maxim of common sense. But this is not the causal consequence of this pandemic, but an extremely astonishing effect that nobody could have foreseen It is not 'the good thing' that has produced AIDS. " Anyone who thinks in this direction will sooner or later have to ask themselves how the time after the virus is designed. What happens if the survivors of COVID-19, who can no longer infect others, have different travel rights, labor and basic rights than the non-immune who have to be patient until a vaccine is found? The answer to all of these questions is not 42.


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