What will Marvel follow for Black Panther 2?


After the death of the famous actor Chadwick Boseman, who played the role of Black Panther, it became curious what path to follow in the sequel of the series. Marvel has a long time to think about this. So what are the fans thinking? Let’s take a closer look at all the scenarios.

Chadwick Boseman The whole world was shocked that he died in the past weeks after silently fighting cancer for four years. Few people knew that the famous actor was battling a terminal illness even while filming some of his most iconic movies. In a report published a few days ago, Boseman thought he would recover, and this month Black Panther 2 He said he would start preparing for

The sequel was not officially included in Phase 4 as Marvel marks May 6th, 2022 for Black Panther 2. Recent developments such as the new type of coronavirus epidemic and the tragic death of Boseman, on the other hand, brought Disney to the release of the film. put off may force you. At this point, Marvel has a few options to replace Boseman, but it is too early to bring the issue to people. Still fans, Black Panther 2 what see what they want they know.

Who will play the character of Black Panther?


At this point, Marvel was asked to play the role of T’Challa / Black Panther. different one with actress they can agree, but we don’t think fans will be welcoming to this move. It will also be very difficult for any actor to accept the role. For this reason, Marvel did not give the role to a different actor. to honor may choose.

Another alternative is to wear Marvel’s Black Panther shirt to someone else. transfer. At this point T’Challa’s sister Shuriis the most obvious choice. The character played by Letitia Wright both made a sound in the first movie and appeared in the last two Avengers movies. For this reason, it can easily be Black Panther in the upcoming Avengers series. Himself line in the novels we saw it as Black Panther.

Will Boseman’s Black Panther die?

Black Panther

It is not known how Marvel will follow, but still What happened to T’Challa He has to explain to fans because the character was alive at the end of Endgame and was preparing to lead Wakanda after five years. At this point, the studio is at the beginning of the sequel as an option. The death of T’Challa can show us.

The death scene in a different movie that comes before Black Panther 2 could give the king an even better outlet. You know, T’Challa is a highly skilled Black Panther and a formidable enemy, so the person who killed him is quite eerie must be. Marvel can honor the role of Boseman by having T’Challa die in a post-generic scene that will precede the sequel, and take the story one step further. forward can carry.


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This scene showing the death of the king is just a new villain Not only does it help build up, it also provides a preliminary preparation for Shuri to take the lead in the sequel. Of course, these are all a from speculation and Marvel has quite a long time to think about how to go.

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