What You Didn’t Know About Music Streaming Service Spotify


Spotify, the world’s most used music streaming service with millions of songs and podcasts, has an average of more than 356 million monthly active users. We share little-known details about Spotify, which is used by more than 158 million people with a paid membership.

Actively using computers, mobile devices, etc. Is there anyone who uses it and hasn’t heard of Spotify? Spotify, nowadays only music not at the same time podcast It is the world’s most popular music streaming service, offering the opportunity to listen to music. Spotify, which enables you to create, edit and share playlists according to your own music taste, offers brand new music that one can love with its mysterious algorithms.

Pirate Spotify, which is completely against the concept, is highly appreciated for offering users the opportunity to listen to music by opposing piracy by nature. We have compiled for you what is not known about Spotify, which is at our fingertips every day.

Spotify is 15 years old


Of Spotify American If you think it’s a company, you’re wrong. One Swedish company Spotify was launched in Sweden in 2006. Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon It was founded by entrepreneurs named Although it was founded in 2006, it was officially released on October 7, 2008. It started to serve in the USA in 2011. Spotify’s international headquarters is located in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden.

Spotify plans to become available in over 170 countries soon


Spotify in 2020 in 79 countries was available. Spotify’s target is by the end of 2021 in over 170 countries start serving.

Just like Instagram, Spotify’s name is a combination of two words.


According to the statement of Daniel Ek, one of the founders of Spotify, the name of the company will not actually be Spotify at first. Other founder of the company Martin Lorentzon He said another name, but Daniel Ek misunderstood that word. Later “spot” (to detect) and “identify” as a combination of words Spotify They chose the name.

Just like WhatsApp Web, there is Spotify Web

spotify web

If you don’t have it as an app on your device Spotify WebUsing ‘ is also an option. After logging in at the address, you start using Spotify just like in the application.

Spotify has only been available in Turkey for eight years


Spotify, which started to serve officially in 2008, is now in Turkey. in September of 2013 came.

You don’t need to be famous to stream songs on Spotify


For an artist to upload a song to Spotify, the song must first be DittoIt should be sent to . Dittomusicis an online music distribution company that confirms songs by various artists. Once the song is uploaded to Ditto, the website becomes concerned with the distribution process where Spotify will either accept or reject the track.

Spotify logo designed by Andreas Holmström


Spotify previously had a logo with different tonal details, but the logo was changed in 2014. Spotify currently has a simpler and flatter logo for the eye.

Username not changing in Spotify

user name

Spotify is programmed to link playlists to your account. Once you have a username, you cannot change that username. This is for Spotify with Facebook account It also applies to enrollees.

Can’t transfer songs downloaded from Spotify


User-downloaded songs on Spotify with a special encryption method is protected. Thus, the song file remains inside the application and cannot be transferred elsewhere as an audio file.

Deleted Spotify account can be recovered

deleted account

When the Spotify account is deleted, the Spotify system makes the account inaccessible for a certain period of time. To restore a deleted account With Spotify customer support need to contact. It is not possible for users to get their deleted Spotify accounts back on their own.

Apple Music, Spotify’s biggest competitor

apple music

62.1 million monthly active users Apple MusicWe can say that Spotify’s biggest competitor. Many users say that the sound quality of Apple Music is better than Spotify.

Ed Sheeran, the most played artist on Spotify

ed sheeran

Within months of its publication, Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You The song broke the record with 2.5 billion plays. Shape of You still with an average of 1,318 million plays per month one of the most played songs.

More than 60,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify daily


Music Business Worldwideaccording to data of almost every second Uploading a song to Spotify. In other words, up to 60 thousand songs are uploaded to Spotify every day.

Spotify has its own music awards ceremony

spotify awards

Spotify first launched in March 2020 Spotify Awards held the Music Awards Ceremony. At the first Spotify Awards in 2020 Bad Bunny He took first place in categories such as “Spotify Artist of the Year” and “Most streamed male artist”. In the category of “Artist with the Most Followers” Banda MSIn the category of “Most Listened Female Artist” Karol G had been the first.

Spotify has a sleep timer

sleep timer

Of Spotify sleep timer feature Available in all mobile versions. The timer is located on the playback screen. You press the three-dot button and click the sleep timer button. When you click, you can choose to stop what is playing within five minutes or up to a maximum of one hour until it ends.

Users can add their own songs to Spotify even if they are not on Spotify


Although Spotify does not allow you to upload your own songs directly to its servers, it provides convenience for desktop Spotify users. Spotify desktop app can automatically access local music files on your computer. These files are in in the ‘local files tab’ exists.

Can be used with Spotify VPN


While Spotify does not officially support VPNs while using Spotify VPN you can run it. With a VPN, you can access music only available in certain regions.

There are also audiobooks on Spotify

Spotify “Audiobook” or “Audio book” When you type, you can listen to both English and Turkish audiobooks. You can find a wide variety of classic works, from Love and Pride to Sabahattin Ali’s The Devil Within. It can be very useful, especially for improving English listening practice.

Possible to convert Spotify playlists to files


In addition to creating playlists, it is also possible to organize your playlists into files. This is a logical feature, especially for Spotify users who have more than one playlist saved in their account, to keep their pages more organized.

Spotify’s slogan: “Music for all”

music for everyone

Spotify’s slogan “Music for all”. The reason for this slogan is to point out that Spotify’s music library is wide enough to appeal to everyone’s music taste.

Spotify users can filter uncensored content


Spotify allows filtering songs if you want to listen to censored versions of certain songs. To do this, in your Spotify profile “hide explicit content” You need to activate the feature.

Possible to share Spotify songs by drag and drop

drag drop

Those who use Spotify on desktop, their songs drag and drop can easily share on any messaging platform. In this way, the song or playlist is automatically converted into clickable links.

Desktop Spotify app has keyboard shortcuts


Besides pressing the spacebar to pause or play the currently playing song, there are other keyboard shortcuts that are useful for controlling the music. For example, Windows desktop users, to switch between the last and next songs. CTRL + left/right arrow keys can be used. also CTRL + up/down arrow keys possible to adjust the sound. CTRL + R to play the same song again, CTRL + S used for shuffle.

More men use Spotify

woman man

A market research published by Spotify on February 29, 2020 to the report According to Spotify users 56 percent are male; 44 percent are women. However, this ratio seems to change over time.

Source: Tech25s, Facts