What’s Happening in Informatics Valley?

We were in Informatics Valley to attend the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy launch meeting held on August 24. The general outlines of Turkey’s 5-year planning in the field of artificial intelligence were announced at this meeting. However, what really impressed us was the point where Informatics Valley has come from yesterday to today and the opportunities offered in it.

As you know, Silicon Valley has no borders anymore, the internet determines these borders. The most tangible proof of this is the international successes of companies such as Getir and Trendyol from Turkey. We have seen once again during the pandemic period that large companies and the ideas underlying them do not need giant offices, complex administrative steps and bureaucracy.

Informatics Valley, where we went for the launch of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, seriously surprised us. This place, which for most people consists of the domestic automobile startup TOGG, has broken away from its goal of being a copy of Silicon Valley and has gained a form that tries to follow the original and global trends closely. What surprised us the most was that what was done here was unheard of by most people.

Before we start: Informatics Valley is actually the roof of technoparks located all over Turkey. Well what does it mean?

informatics valley

There are 84 technoparks across Turkey. Small enterprises are established and incorporated by taking advantage of various tax and employment advantages in these technoparks. Today, the exports of those companies are over 4 billion dollars in total. when you read “Well, we already know that” or “What effect does it have on my life?” you can say, but what we will tell you shortly will help you see the areas touched by this roof formation more clearly.

Domestic automobile startup TOGG is actually the locomotive project of Informatics Valley: Its rival Ford and Volkswagen are not major automobile manufacturers, but technology companies such as Xiaomi and Huawei.


The 2010s changed the definition of “car” as we know it. Now, just a good engine, long service life and a good design are not enough to call these 4-wheeled vehicles “cars”, even Having an electric motor is no longer considered sufficient.. The investments made within TOGG are built on this fact.

An ecosystem planning is underway on this modern car axis, which is prepared for the brand launch and subsequent launch in 2022. TOGG does not have the bulkiness of other large and well-established manufacturers. This stands out as a great advantage. For example, the battery developed for TOGG, electric scooter It can also be used with vehicles such as Even other electric vehicles, maybe even smartphones…


At the center of this ecosystem, which can communicate with every technological device connected to the Internet, is the car, namely TOGG. However, it is not this car that will drive on 4 wheels that will provide a competitive advantage, but the one in which it is located. how long it can “live” in the ecosystem it will be. We are used to seeing living ecosystems, especially in Apple’s products. TOGG, on the other hand, aims at this experience in the automobile world.

When we say TOGG, the first thing that comes to mind is the SUV models on display, but this also causes a great misconception. TOGG is not a car, but an ecosystem and life technologies initiative. For this reason, their competitors are not companies that take thousands of cars off the line every year and spend billions of dollars to abandon gasoline engines; that put cars at its center and started to develop integrated technologies ecosystem companies like Xiaomi and Huawei it will be.

The work and experience of most startups in Informatics Valley will also be transferred to TOGG. So how successful it will be, we need a lot of time to see that. For now, we can say that a feverish work continues.

In the Incubation Center, which opens its doors to everyone, even an idea can be invested:

incubation center

Before pouring money into a project, the investor side of the entrepreneurial world looks for tangible evidence that the idea is working. Few startups are backed by investors at the idea stage. For this reason, those who put forward a good idea have a hard time finding the opportunity. Especially those who have just graduated from university. young people or operators who have a company but cannot find resourcesmay have difficulty incorporating their ideas.

The investment ecosystem in IT Valley is a little more flexible in this regard. If a university student has an idea that has not been implemented, if he can present this idea and explain the working logic, a pre-incubation investment is made for him. Then, the venture is expected to reach its goals, and if necessary, this time it is supported by an incubation investment and its incorporation is ensured.

Moreover, it is exempted from many important expenses during the incorporation phase. Employee insurance costs, paid for inventory taxes such as excise duty covered by this exemption.

Informatics Valley officials give the following example to embody the expenses that corporations are exempt from: A startup with a monthly income of 2 million TL, if it operates within the valley, all expenses up to 800 thousand TL remain in its pocket. Initiatives in the incubation center mobility, artificial intelligence, game development, design, blockchain and cybersecurity It focuses on ideas in cyber security verticals, especially in cyber security. If anyone is interested, they can apply by browsing the relevant programs of the valley here.

There is no exam, no diploma or pre-education requirement, no teacher and free time, free and a software school open to anyone aged 18 to 30: Ecole 42

42 paris

42 Paris School

Imagine an education system where students are chosen by artificial intelligence not according to their numerical and verbal knowledge, but according to their logic and cognitive capacities, they never face exams until they graduate, there are no course hours, they are completely responsible for their education, French billionaire Xavier Niel and by partners Ecole 42, the first classroom opened in Paris, Francehas one of the clearest educational visions for the future.

One of the 42 schools that have trained more than 10 thousand students in 20 countries was opened in Informatics Valley and the other in Istanbul. 42 The first education period starts this year in Kocaeli and the selected students will switch to the main program, which lasts for a maximum of 3 years, after a 1-month marathon training. Moreover, they do not have to wait 3 years to finish this program. Those who wish to work harder They can graduate quickly..

ecole 42 Kocaeli

42 Kocaeli School (Informatics Valley)

42 schools do not have morning entry and evening exit times. Classes open 24 hours It is enough to log in at the desired time and complete the given tasks. The software projects put forward are not evaluated by an authority, but by other students, and no grades or points are given. Training is seen with the method of learning from each other side by side.

Students studying at Ecole 42 do not pay any fees. They are only responsible for doing the tasks given during their education life and improving themselves. The school’s stakeholders include Turkey Open Source Software Platform, Informatics Valley, TUBITAK, East Marmara and Istanbul development agencies, and the Presidency Digital Transformation Office.

It’s not all about software: The Design Cluster Center, the place that combines art and craft with technology, is located here:

design cluster center

We’ve all witnessed the NFT craze of digital artists this year. What if we told you that the works of Fırat Neziroğlu, who made the weaving painting of Queen Elizabeth in Bilisim Valley, were converted into NFT and put up for sale? In the news about Informatics Valley A place you may not have heard of before Design Cluster Center.

AirCar, the flying car inspired by drones, is also designed at this center, as well as wearable technologies. Pınar Sipahi states that as a design center, they provide professional support to all the initiatives in Bilişim Vadisi and the 84 technoparks under it. Setting the world standards in design This center, which is also a member of iFopens doors to people operating in almost every field that can turn from an idea into a product.

Starlink surprise:

starlink informatics valley

Starlink’s ground stations

Although the details are not yet clearly disclosed, a ground station belonging to Starlink has been built in Informatics Valley. Although Minister Varank tells us that they are constantly meeting with Elon Musk under many topics, he wants to explain the developments about Starlink. They expect the BTK to complete their work. expressed. However, we confirmed the information that this station belongs to Starlink by asking the President of the Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office Ali Taha Koç.

Each of these stations, which were built to follow Starlink satellites and to use the signal power efficiently, High speed internet opportunity for 100 thousand people offers. To build the station, an operator needs to be agreed. Probably Starlink’s test work will be completed in Informatics Valley and will be announced to the public.