WhatsApp Alternative Messaging Application: Signal

After the new confidentiality agreement offered by WhatsApp for the approval of its users today, users rapidly abandoned the application and turned to alternatives. One of these alternatives is Signal, which Elon Musk also proposes.

One of the most talked about news today has been WhatsApp’s new privacy agreement. This new confidentiality agreementAllows WhatsApp to access many data, including our messages, and share this data with all Facebook companies.

As such, the reactions grew like an avalanche, WhatsApp users started to switch to new alternative instant messaging applications. One of those who gave advice to guide this great migration was Elon Musk happened. In a tweet, Musk suggested everyone to use Signal. So what kind of application is Signal, is it really secure and what features does it offer? Let’s take a look together.

‘A privacy-focused communication experience’: Signal


Signal describes itself exactly as above; a communication experience focused on privacy. Messages in the application, end-to-end encryption is secured with the method. One of the most important features of Signal, which is completely free and very practical to use and makes it reliable is open source to be.

At the same time, Signal will not be able to share your messages or conversations. no access permission. This is actually exactly what WhatsApp got out of our hands with the latest confidentiality agreement. This is why many people, from Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey to data privacy experts like Edward Snowden, choose this app. privacy.

What are the features of Signal?

Signal Features

Signal is what WhatsApp offers and we use heavily all features and more offers its users. We can list these features as follows;

  • Instant messaging
  • Group chats
  • Send photos, videos, audio and documents
  • Video call
  • Messages disappear automatically within the specified time
  • Sending free SMS through the application

Signal does not have any shortcomings from WhatsApp, such as messages disappearing within the specified time. plus features also available. Maybe the only minus we can mention is that you cannot find everyone you want to message in the application because it does not have as many users as WhatsApp, and at this point, Signal’s SMS feature may come into play.


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To download Signal on your Android and iOS devices: