WhatsApp Breaks New Year’s Search Record

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people in most of the world could not come together on New Year’s Eve. This situation was also reflected in WhatsApp calls.

Covid-19 pandemisi many people resorted to virtual methods to get together for the New Year. One of the places where this situation seems clearest. WhatsApp record high number of searches.

The application under the roof of Facebook, as the year 2020 ends 1.4 billion He broke the all-time record with voice and video calling. This number is more than last year’s Above 50% and even left the early stages of the pandemic behind.

New Year’s Day was celebrated on social media

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Although the number of calls made on WhatsApp broke a record with 1.4 billion, it is the only one with the effects of the pandemic. social media platform WhatsApp did not happen. Facebook’s chat application is also in the USA group calls It has nearly doubled the average number of daily searches, while breaking a record in the meantime.

Facebook Live and Instagram Live became one of the popular platforms preferred at the beginning of the year. The number of live streams from these two platforms is worldwide 55 million found. It was not disclosed how many people the broadcasts reached in total.


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Facebook In his previous statements, he announced that he was doing an unprecedented work to increase infrastructure efficiency. Also as the reason for this development during the pandemic It showed the increase in the intensity of use experienced in its various applications. Various technical teams of the company were also kept ready for possible problems during the New Year’s Eve.

This record is hard to break again



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WhatsApp It seems difficult to break the new record he achieved at the beginning of the year for a longer period of time. Vaccine studies and thanks to the measures taken regarding the pandemic, it is expected that people will be able to celebrate the new year, holidays and other important days together again in the coming years.

The figures also show that from 2020 to 2021 on social media, entered in a socially distant way. In this new year, where we see the squares and places empty, the celebrations have also shifted to the virtual world. Did you call anyone in the new year?

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