WhatsApp Brings the Feature to Adjust the Speed ​​of Sounds


WhatsApp has unannounced a feature that users have been wanting for a very long time. It is now possible to play voice messages faster in mobile, desktop and browser versions of WhatsApp. Although 1.5 and 2 times faster playback settings have been released, it has not yet reached all devices.

WhatsAppUnexpectedly brought a feature that it hadn’t mentioned before. When using the app now listen to your voicemail at different speeds possible. The feature of adjusting the speed of sounds that sometimes take a long time to listen to nightmares will be available in both mobile and desktop versions of WhatsApp.

As always, this innovation will not reach all devices at the same time, but will be released gradually to all users. Therefore, you may not find the audio playback speed settings on your phone right now. However, when it is put into use, it will undoubtedly save many of us a great deal of trouble.

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You know the bother of listening to an event told by making a long sound on WhatsApp. Especially if you are busy, these noises can be quite annoying. However, of course, it cannot be denied that the ability to beat is also a necessity. Realizing these at last, WhatsApp is launching a new feature that can be a solution to the situation. Now, voices thrown in chat can be listened to at different speeds. These speed options, YouTube as on many platforms such as Appears as 1x (normal), 1.5x and 2x.

Using the feature is simple: the moment you press the play button on a voicemail an icon above the message indicating the speed at which it is playing appears. When you press here once, the speed of the sound increases 1.5 times, and the next time you press it, it doubles. Keep in mind: The setting you made, does not go back to before you change it. So when you close the application, the sound speed settings are saved. It is enough to press the button one more time to restore it.


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Feature on both mobile platforms, desktop application and browser version WhatsApp Web can be used. However, the arrival time on mobile devices is as slow as usual. You can check your WhatsApp application right now and call the button we mentioned to see if the feature has arrived.

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