WhatsApp integrates deeper into iOS 15


WhatsApp has promised major innovations for iPhone users with iOS 15: The new version 22.2.75 of the messaging app adjusts the notifications for iOS 15 and thus prominently displays the associated profile and group pictures in notifications. Also new is the support for Apple’s focus function, as the Facebook subsidiary announced. “Focus” was also introduced with iOS and iPadOS 15 and should make it possible to get the daily flood of notifications under better control.

The basis for the new functions was laid with WhatsApp version 22.2.75, but they are not yet activated for the vast majority of users: the introduction should only take place in the course of the “next few weeks”, says the seller.

Apparently, WhatsApp relies on Apple’s new notification type “Communication notification”, which allows messaging apps to display large profile pictures – as well as the interaction with the configured focus modes. If users activate a focus that has been set up accordingly, it becomes possible to be informed directly about notifications from certain people. Messages from other communication partners remain hidden until the focus mode is ended or changed.

This fine-tuning is not yet possible in WhatsApp. Here you can only generally allow the app – and thus all incoming notifications – in a focus mode or block direct delivery. Whether WhatsApp also allows the transmission of the focus status remains unclear for the time being.

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WhatsApp has integrated a pause button for voice messages in the latest version: the recording can be stopped and continued later. To reveal the function, the finger must be swiped up when recording a voice message – this reveals the new operating functions.


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