Whatsapp’s Multi-Device Feature Introduced


Some new information has emerged about the ‘multi-device’ feature, which WhatsApp announced a while ago but did not inform. The multi-device feature has started to be distributed to beta users.

WhatsApp has recently lost its users with new features. trying to regain. Announced a while ago but no information about ‘multi-device’ Finally, some information about the feature began to emerge.

Multi-device feature on multiple smart devices simultaneously It allows you to use WhatsApp. Some information about this feature and beta process appeared.

Multi-device feature will be distributed primarily to beta users

Whatsapp Beta

Thanks to this new feature of WhatsApp, users can now use more than one device. without the need for a constant internet connection WhatsApp will be able to login. WhatsApp applications to use this feature will have to be up to date. WhatsApp sessions on outdated devices will be closed.

Thanks to this new update on up to 4 devices You will be able to open your WhatsApp session. Also, WhatsApp Android and iOS will allow to move message history between In addition, voice and video calls from all devices can be done.

Update started to be distributed



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This update has some to beta users started to be distributed. The deployed update first version There are still some problems and shortcomings, but they are also will improve over time is being considered.

To participate in beta tests of the WhatsApp application You can click the links below. Although beta tests are currently full, applications can sometimes be opened for new testers. If this feature to experience beforehand You can follow the tests if you want.

WhatsApp Beta iOS

WhatsApp Beta Android

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