When were the “fake” Manavgat Photos Really Taken?


It turned out that the photos of animals that were shared on social media in recent days and said to be “died in the Manavgat fire” were not real. So, when and where were these photos actually taken?

Especially recently, both Turkey and to the world agenda sitting fires attract everyone’s attention. With the fires, our country “Fire Squadron” again has been on the agenda and upon this, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry made a statement. had been found.

Along with these events, many social media heartbreaking The photo was shared. In many shared photos, there were animals that died in the fire and these photos showed people. deeply impressed. However, some photos not real appeared.

‘Fake’ Manavgat fire photos

verify.orgAccording to the information compiled by , many animal photos shared on social media about the fire are actually on different dates, Filmed in other fires and different events. Unfortunately, such misinformation, especially on social media and is frequently shared in official sources.

Here are those photos:

This photo of the turtle that died due to the fire is actually a photo taken in 2010 in Pasargad, Iran. fiery

by National Geographic in 2018. shared. The photo is allegedly taken during the California fire, USA.

After the fire from the transformer in Manavgat in 2017 taken Animals that have died are seen in this photo.

This photo is from the famous fire in Australia in 2020. was taken.

This photograph, which especially examined, was taken after a fire in Los Angeles in 2018. taken.

This photo was taken from a fire in Mount Cudi in 2015. was taken appeared.

This turtle photo is in the fire that broke out in Hatay in 2020. taken appeared.

The marten we see in this photo is the one we have seen in the past days. From the Adana fire rescued.

This photo is due to a fire in Greece in 2017. belongs to is stated.

In this photo, in the fire that broke out in Australia in 2020 taken.


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This photo is in 2020. Iran pertaining to a fire.

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