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It has been general education for years that smartphone cameras are now taking useful photos. The details are more interesting: In which disciplines do “real” cameras still have the edge? Are there possibly already areas of application that master cellphone snapping better – for example night photography? And how about the ease of use? Is it now possible to send photos to the network with current cameras without any problems? Or do you still have to take the cumbersome detour via PC or smartphone?

To begin with, camera expert Sophia Zimmermann from c’t Fotografie explains which camera types are currently in fashion and whether all professionals are now only out and about with mirrorless system cameras – or whether the good old SLR still has its right to exist. In addition, it is about sensor sizes, pixel binning and bokeh: Everyone agrees that digitally calculated depth of field can be distinguished from “real” blur caused by the lens.

The c’t editors Robin Brand and Steffen Herget also report on their experiences from countless smartphone camera tests. How much do smartphone cameras differ in different price ranges? Finally, they dare to look ahead to the future of photography: Will smartphone cameras keep getting better or have they reached stagnation in the meantime?

Also present: Robin Brand, Steffen Herget, Jan-Keno Janssen and Sophia Zimmermann.

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