Who Is Responsible For The Murder Of The Sex Robot?


Nowadays, hacking the vast majority of robots, especially sex robots, is much easier than other technological devices. So, if a person hacks a sex robot and kills a person, can producers be held responsible for the murder who did not take adequate security measures?

Nowadays, we have entered a period where many products have internet connection. Of course, high-tech robots can also have access to the internet, albeit indirectly. In this case hackers offers a back door for Cyber ​​security experts, of hacked sex robots to users to murder He said he could do as much damage as possible.

Two lawyers, Joshue Chu and Michael Szeto, working at the Hong Kong-based law firm ONC, said that robot-induced dangers are predictable, so these robots will take action. that producers can be held responsible told.

Can artificial intelligence supported sex robots threaten humanity?

Sex robot

Cyber ​​security experts said that they can commit murder by controlling sex robots that hackers can access much more easily than devices such as smartphones. Dr. Nicholas Patterson said in a statement “Hacking most robots today, including sex robots, is a piece of cake compared to more sophisticated devices such as cell phones and computers. used the expressions.

Pandemic It has been observed that sex robots are becoming more and more widely used recently due to the decrease in human contact. According to Brick Dollbanger, an expert on sex robots, these robots are COVID-19can even understand. Despite having a technological development at this level, the biggest deficiency of these robots is in cyber security. Chu and Szeto stated that they hope sex robot manufacturers will pay more attention to their vulnerabilities.

Sex robot

Although a person’s interaction with a sex robot can cause a heart attack or muscle pull by cyber attack The robot that will fall into the hands of a hacker can cause much more serious harm to the person in front of it by performing physical actions. In addition, it is stated that some robots contain personal information such as credit cards and addresses of users, and that theft is also cleared by extremely simple cyber attacks.


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Considering all these dangers, the only solution is that manufacturers need to do a quality job in software while developing their robots. We will see in the future what kind of technological development robots, which are more and more common to our lives, will have.

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