Why Are Foldable Phones So Expensive?

Foldable phones, showing the beginning of a new era in the mobile world, stand out with their extremely high prices rather than their features. So why are foldable phones so expensive? We explained why foldable phones are so expensive for you and answered the question whether they will become cheaper one day.

The first cell phones were the size of a medium bag, then they fit into our pocket, and finally with the advent of smartphones, they started to offer us everything we need in thin devices. Now is the period, foldable phones era However, the high prices of foldable phones are not foldable at all.

Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi is from a new brand every day foldable phones We are getting new news about. The saddest part of this very exciting news is the prices. Why are foldable phones so expensive? Considering the history of cell phones, there are quite reasonable answers to this question. We explained it for you.

The factors that determine the prices of foldable phones:

  • Challenging R&D process
  • Limitations in mass production
  • Brands pursuing privilege
  • Extravagant features

Challenging R&D process:

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Foldable phones The research, development and innovation processes of new technologies such as these are very difficult. For a new technology up to the point of production years and billions of dollars. When production starts, it is necessary to wait for a long time to start making profit. Not to mention that the defective products are wasted.

Although display technologies we are used to such as OLED are now sold at affordable prices, they went through the same difficult process. Powerful OLED displays are currently being stretched for foldable phones. However, the desired efficiency cannot be achieved because these screens are not products developed to stretch over and over again.

Screens that provide protection without a glass are being developed for foldable phones, and this is a very difficult task. Over more than ten layers of protective film Working on foldable screens. Trying to protect foldable phones without the glass protection we have been accustomed to for years is going through quite a difficult research process.

Considering that the screen production has somehow settled on its track, hardware comes next. Especially, which makes foldable phones foldable hinge development process pretty hard. Likewise, developing suitable parts for interior equipment is quite difficult, long and expensive. That’s why manufacturers spend huge on every piece of foldable phones.

Limitations in mass production:

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Foldable phone equipment, which started to be produced after both a difficult and expensive development process, of course, immediately it is not on the mass production line. Because this is mostly a new technology and no manufacturer can clearly predict the demand by the users at what rate.

It is earned from the release, so to speak, over a product that goes into mass production. A reasonable dividend added to the cost of a smartphone manufactured in millions of units allows manufacturers to make enough profit and continue production at the same time. But unclear how much to demand It is a big risk to start mass production for a product.

As such, mass production cannot be started for foldable phones, which means that each product It causes an increase in both the cost and the profit share. In a short period of time, a limited number of foldable telephones will be released to the market and the returns will be followed and it will be checked whether mass production will begin.

In fact, this is true for all new technologies. Technologies that are affordable for everyone today are only available when they first appear. Prices that can be bought by a limited number of people they had Therefore, if you want to buy a foldable phone, you have to wait a little longer and hope that both the market and the manufacturers get used to this new technology.

Brands pursuing privilege:

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What is the value of foldable phones? When you approach with an objective perspective How much should the selling price of the foldable phone be do you think We can make this kind of reasoning on existing technologies, but we cannot make such arguments for a technology that is produced by a limited number of brands, in limited numbers.

The foldable phone manufacturers we hear the most right now are Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. As per Xiaomi company policy, from other brands offer lower prices Even if it aims, these companies are in full control and it seems that these companies will use their monopoly privileges to the full.

The devices currently produced will go down in history as first generation foldable phones. Just like the family’s first child was a little arrogant first generation phone manufacturers are also a bit arrogant. They will enjoy being the first in the market before a race that will definitely appear in the future. As competition increases, a decrease in prices is expected.

Nokia, which monopolizes the mobile phone market for a long time, is an example of this. Nokia, the brand that comes to mind when talking about mobile phones for a long time, has offered even the latest model phones for sale at prices that we can call funny today, with the emergence of smart phones and the increase in competition. The future of foldable phones will be like this. In another aspect; Maybe, we will be able to buy smartphones that cost thousands of liras today for a price of one tenth when foldable phone technology becomes widespread.

Extravagant features:

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Foldable phones are currently considered the latest technology development. Yes true. But these phones are really not necessary Is it necessary to add features that do not work other than decorating promotional films?

The foldable phone Galaxy Fold, introduced by Samsung, has 5 cameras and 12 GB of RAM. As if these weren’t enough 5G support, which is not clear when it will be released or how widespread it will become, is among the features offered with the Galaxy Fold.

Presenting a truly groundbreaking technology like foldability with such exaggerated features is just for show. Aimed at enticing users marketing cheat Due to the already high standard costs, foldable phones are added to new expense items and prices rise to unreachable levels.

When will foldable phones be cheaper?

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If we consider what we explained above and the lessons we learned from the past; in a few years It would not be wrong to say that foldable phones will be sold at the prices of smartphones. For the price of today’s flagship smartphone, it will be possible to buy a foldable phone in a few years.

Asked what he thinks about the prices of foldable phones, Huawei CEO Richard Yu; I think foldable phones under a thousand dollars will be on the market in a few years, our goal is foldable phone. price range from 500 to thousand dollars “between,” he said.

Why foldable phones are so expensive for you, will it get cheaper one day We answered curious questions such as and explained the factors affecting the price. Foldable phones, which are not easily accessible to everyone at the moment, maybe one day, just like smartphones, will become an integral part of all of us.